thats what she said.
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thats what she said.
thats what she said.

thats what she said.

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It's finally come! At first it seemed it might be too much to handle, but alas, after a long and spirited grind, the effort has culminated in this highly satisfying release.

...that’s what she said.

"That's what she said" Sticker Pack for iMessage lets you choose from a lexicon of ready-made responses you can use to alert your friends to their own inadvertent innuendo, double entendres, and Freudian slips. You can of course tag your own messages too.

Choose the appropriate sticker response, drag it to the inappropriate message bubble, and you're done. Your friends will thank you for pointing out their unfortunate word choice, and no matter how often you do it, will totally continue to be your friends.
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thats what she said. 1.1 14 paź 2021
14 paź 2021 Historia wersji
New stickers!UI improvements.

~Subversus Interactive LLC
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