Escape from Norwood
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Escape from Norwood
Escape from Norwood

Escape from Norwood

Deweloper: Michael Giraud
Rozmiar aplikacji: 266,8 MB
Data wydania: 7 lut 2023
Cena: 19,99 zł
6 Oceny
266,8 MB
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Explore the city and observe its inhabitants as their lives play out around you, in a world where the only discrimination is based on the order of birth.

Cursed with a magic which does not fit within the five cardinal aelic callings, 13-years old Lecia has to hide from the guards and find a way out of the city. Yet this magic will allow her to sneak into places and observe plots and schemes that could shake the foundations of Magistan, as the Empress’ progress approaches Norwood. What secret ties her family and the empire?

Mostly text-based, but showcasing detailed 2D backgrounds for its 500 locations, Escape from Norwood lets you free to explore the world and try to combine hundreds of items in any way you want, to trigger unexpected effects on the lives of its 200 characters. This freedom comes with simplicity: no keyboard ever shows up, simply tap on someone, something or somewhere to see the possible interactions and choose among them… for dozens of hours of fun and discovery.

Main features:
- The game is not accessible on mobile platforms.
- Feel the depth of a classic text adventure, redesigned for modern platforms and optimized for touch screens.
- Explore a world that moves without your input, as inhabitants live their lives in real time around you.
- Interact with every character and every object through a modern, keyboard-less UI.
- Open world freedom: journey through the city and explore every nook and cranny on your own terms.
- Register important information in your diary, do your missions in any order.
- Automated hint system so you never feel lost about what to do next.
- Uncanny spells: master the powers of a Shroud to move unseen throughout the city and spy on its secrets.

What secret ties her family and an empire where the only discrimination is based on the order of birth?
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Escape from Norwood 3.0.1 25 lut 2024
25 lut 2024 Historia wersji
- Fixed an issue with the display of a long diary

~Michael Giraud
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Cena: 19,99 zł
Wersja: 3.0.1
Kompatybilność: Wymaga systemu iOS 12 Lub późniejszy
Rozmiar: 266,8 MB
Gatunek: Games
Data wydania: 7 lut 2023
Ostatnia aktualizacja: 25 lut 2024
Ocena treści: 12+
Deweloper: Michael Giraud
Język: Angielski -
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