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Tapi Tapi Tapioca

Developer: Yoshihiko Ida
App Size: 146.93 MB
Release Date: 2019-09-29
Price: Free
146.93 MB
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Have you ever play a game like this? Never. (A local friend said)

Realism created by researching various tapioca drinks!

Simple and unified user interface!

Strangely realistic intake and exhaust sounds!

Opening music that never leaves your head once you listen!

The hottest game now, Tapi Tapi Tapioca.

If you like tapioca or you don't like tapioca... It doesn't matter! A game that everyone can enjoy, Tapi Tapi Tapioca.

A game that you suck tapioca in a mess, Tapi Tapi Tapioca.

Tapi Tapi Tapioca gives you great fun! !

■ Basic play
It is a very simple game that clears the stage when the specified number of tapioca is sucked within the time limit at each stage, and the game is over when the time limit is exceeded.

Move the straw in the tapioca drink on the screen and suck the tapioca well.

■ Extremely simple operability
The tapioca is sucked (or exhaled) by operating the straw and the suction and reverse buttons.
That's all.

The first thing you need to remember to understand the game is the relationship between vital capacity and breath power.
When the Vital Capacity meter is almost full, the Breath Power (suction power) is large, and when the Vital Capacity meter is almost zero, the breath power decreases.
It means, there is no doubt that the Vital Capacity meter is an indicator of the strength of the Breath Power.

In the second half of the stage, clearing the stage will become increasingly difficult.
Learn the basic operation of the straw and various operation techniques for the second half of the stage.
As you get used to it, you can operate the buttons and the straw with just one thumb on your right hand.

■ Various tapioca appears
Various tapioca such as small tapioca, big tapioca, heavy tapioca and large tapioca will appear.
In the second half of the stages, there will be flat tapioca and moving tapioca, and rare tapioca that will occur good things if you suck!

There are tapioca of a size that can not be sucked by normal straw and toxic tapioca, so let's suck other tapiocas avoiding it.

■ Various straws appear
The normal straw you have from the beginning is very difficult to control.
But don't worry!
It is possible to obtain straws with good operability and straws with various abilities.
By using TaPi to get a straw with special abilities, or to boost the ability of the straws of the Vital Capacity Boost and the Breath Power Boost, you can proceed the stage advantageously.

■ Power up with TaPi
Though TaPi can be purchased and increased, it is basically granted as a bonus when clearing the stage.
With TaPi, you can purchase straws, power up straws, unlock new stages, and continue while energy charging.

TaPi can be earned when clearing the stage is added according to the number of tapioca sucked in, the remaining time, and the stage clear level when the stage is cleared.
The higher the stage clear level, the higher the stage bonus.
Let's aim for stage clear level 3!

This stage clear level is determined by the remaining time when clearing the stage and the number of tapioca sucked within the time limit.
Stage clear level 3 is confirmed with perfect achievement.

Not enough TaPi? no need to worry!
You can earn TaPi by clearing again the stage even if you have cleared it once.
However, the bonus according to the stage clear level can only be received once.

If you really want to clear the stage as soon as possible, consider buying TaPi.

■ Other
・ On the challenge stage, you can train and test your skills.

You can play the challenge stage as many times as you like, so you can do basic practice.
Also, since the conditions of the straw and status to be used are completely the same every time, you can test your current ability and skill as a Tapirer.
If you can get a high score, share it to everyone on SNS!

And when you hit the highest score, you will be given the title of Tapioca Master!
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Tapi Tapi Tapioca 1.1.1 Update
2020-07-18 Version History
Now available for all countries other than Japan and the U.S.

~Yoshihiko Ida
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Price: Free
Version: 1.1.1
Compatibility: Requires 9.0 or later
Bundle Id: com.uphydn.tapioka
Size: 146.93 MB
Release Date: 2019-09-29
Last Update: 2020-07-18
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Yoshihiko Ida
Language: JA -
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