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Can Meditation

Developer: 灿豪 陈
App Size: 53.88 MB
Release Date: 2023-01-10
Price: Gratis
53.88 MB
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Can Meditation is a meditation, breathing and positive thinking app for mind, body and soul.

We take inspiration and rhythm from everyday life and give life to our Can Friends who understand the peace and beauty of life and will lead you to indulge in visualized meditation, positive breathing and can help reap peace and inspiration in an anxious life. Download the app and practice meditation with your canned friends!

What? You don't know about canned friends yet? They are Little Candy, Cookie, Ice cream lady Lizzy, Garlic Prick, each of them is proficient in one meditation method, go to the app and activate them, they will surely become your good friends~!

Can meditation is suitable for the following people

- Anxious urban white-collar workers
- Workers who are troubled by their worries
- Students who are not very focused on their thoughts
- Anxiety sufferers who are often distracted
- Creative people who need to calm down and get inspired
- Highly stressed people who are exhausted
- Meditation practitioners
- Any lovely friend who wants to get better!

#Featured Features

1. positive breathing
- Candy accompanies you in the positive breathing of one exhale and one inhale
- With the quiet sound of running water, you can guide the exhale, hold and inhale according to the different sounds of running water
2. Energy meditation
- Prick accompanies you in your morning and evening energy meditations
- Prick is a garlic head who focuses on the power of nature, he works hard and understands the laws of nature, he will absorb the energy of the sun in the morning to energize the day's work and study, and will absorb the essence of the moon in the evening to warm up the tiredness of the day
- Follow Prick to absorb the energy of nature, such meditation will definitely give you a lot of positive energy!
3. Balance Meditation
- Lizzy, the ice-cream lady, will accompany you in a difficult balancing meditation
- What? You think balance meditation is difficult? No, the lovely Lizzy will carry out the balance meditation with her fruit on top, you just need to follow the rhythm of Lizzy's breathing and you can ~
- Lizzy is a very easy to satisfy creature, when she keeps her balance, she will smile very happily, hope you can reap the same satisfaction and smile as her in the balance meditation, heal your heart!
4. White Noise Meditation
- Cookie has collected white noise from nature around the world, you can choose one to help you enter a meditation situation
- White noise can help you get rid of anxiety in your work study life, at the same time Cookie is also a sensitive creature, but he can quickly calm down in the white noise, anxiety or whatever, will disappear without a trace between one breath and another

- Mood record, we will recommend a meditation method to you daily according to your mood
- Meditation appointment, no time to start a meditation journey at the moment? It's okay, we provide an booking function, we will send you a notification when your appointment time comes.

#Purchase item description
- Purchase item “all meditation packages” once purchased for permanent use, no additional fees, no ongoing subscription, for the continued development of Can Meditation, please support the pricing strategy of Can Friends ~


Every suggestion and idea you have can help Canned Meditation do better, and we are very much looking forward to receiving your sincere feedback from Can Friends



Ins: can_friends_studio
Twitter: CanStudioCC
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More Information about: Can Meditation
Price: Gratis
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires 15.0 or later
Bundle Id: tech.hugetail.CanMindfulness
Size: 53.88 MB
Release Date: 2023-01-10
Last Update: 2023-01-31
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: 灿豪 陈
Language: EN - ZH -
All Apps & Games Created by: 灿豪 陈
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