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Developer: Scott Hill
App Size: 729.1 MB
Release Date: 4 dic 2022
Price: FREE
729.1 MB
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Color Your World is a click-to-color app of beautiful landmarks around the world. The app makes coloring beautiful images easy, fun, and relaxing.

An image is colored by first clicking on one of the colors in the Color Palette. The shapes which need to be colored in the image with the selected color are filled with a cross-hatched pattern. A shape in the image is colored with the selected color by clicking on the shapes with a cross-hatched pattern.

The number of shapes to be colored in the different landmark images ranges from approximately 1000 to 6000. The user can select from three values for the number of shapes for most images. The resulting colored images can be easily shared with family and friends.

The app includes some tools and capabilities to facilitate the coloring process, which include:

Zooming The image can be zoomed to make it easier to find and
color smaller shapes. Zooming is done by pinching on
the screen of the device.

Tools Palette:
Trash Can Returns image to uncolored state by clearing all
colored shapes to white and resetting the Number of
Uncolored Shapes Label.

Inward Arrows Icon
Restores the size and position of the image to the
original size such that the entire image is visible in the
device screen. This feature is useful after the image has
been zoomed and/or dragged.

Magnifying Glass
Finds an uncolored shape with the currently selected
color (from the color palette), and zooms in on the
shape. Subsequent clicks on the Magnifying Glass will
cycle through all of the uncolored shapes with the
currently selected color. Useful for finding the smaller
shapes when the larger shapes for that color have been
found if you don’t like the challenge of finding the
smaller shapes.

Paint Colors Palette
Colors the SMALLER shapes for the currently selected
color in the color palette. Useful if you can’t find or
don’t like finding the smaller shapes.

Black-and-White Image
Allows for selecting a new image to color by presenting
a view showing the available images. The number of
shapes for each image is shown. Most of the images
are available in three sizes (number of shapes). The
user can select from the three values by clicking on the
corresponding drop down menu. A larger view of the
image can be displayed by clicking in the image icon.
The available images show how much (if any) of the
image is already colored. The colored state of the
current image will be saved when a new image. Is selected.

Cross-hatched Squares
Changes color of the cross-hatched pattern
used to show which shapes are not colored for the
currently selected color in the color palette.

Paint Brush Animates the coloring done by the user up to
the current state. Changes all colored shapes to white
and recolors the shapes in the same order they were
colored by user.

Share Icon Presents a view for sharing the currently displayed
image being colored with friends and family.
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Price: FREE
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires Requiere iOS 13 or later
Bundle Id: com.scotthill.coloryourworld
Size: 729.1 MB
Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: 4 dic 2022
Last Update: 4 dic 2022
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Scott Hill
Language: Español - Alemán - Francés - Inglés - Portugués -
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