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Developer: Aleksey Moryakov
App Size: 171.10 MB
Release Date: 2021-08-22
Price: 免费
171.10 MB
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Before a child begins to speak, he must learn to understand the addressed speech, and if he has a violation of phonemic hearing, then he hears, but does not understand and cannot distinguish sounds, as a result, he cannot distinguish words and understand their meaning, and subsequently speak. The basis for the development of phonemic hearing is the child's difference in non-speech sounds, which is what the lessons are aimed at using this application.

But a developed phonemic, or the so-called speech ear, is also the basis for correct speech. This is the ability to recognize and differentiate sounds (phonemes) of speech among themselves in the speech stream.
In simple words, it is not only a person's ability to hear sounds, but also to recognize them.
Phonemic hearing impairments lead to misunderstandings of speech. In the future, difficulties arise with the expression of thoughts, impaired written speech, and so on. That is why experts advise developing it in a child from the first days of life, and also pay attention to the sounds surrounding him.

The application, first of all, is recommended to parents, speech therapists, speech pathologists and pedagogues-audiologists for joint classes with a child on the development of phonemic perception and speech.
The key feature of the application is the absence of visualization of animals and various objects. It contains courses with non-speech sounds, divided into groups of difficulty, which have step-by-step recommendations for parents and an automatic timer so that they can properly organize the process of class with non-speaking children.

For professional use of the program by specialists, the program provides statistics on the success of mastering the material studied by each child for each sound separately, including the time spent by the child for its study. There is also a mode of use, at your discretion, based on the specialist's own methodology, bypassing the recommendations for parents. The timer allows you to control the duration of the lesson and the process of learning the sound. For ease of use by a specialist, there is the possibility of mixing, in order to prevent the child from remembering the location of the buttons that reproduce certain sounds.

In the free version:
Farm course for learning basic animal sounds. It is used as a baseline at any stage of the study. By practicing every day, following the recommendations of the course, you will be able to assess the effectiveness of the classes, you will see how with each stage the child will begin to master new sounds faster, it is better to distinguish new ones. Start the initial stage of the development of phonemic perception.

Additional paid courses:
Have you successfully mastered the Farm course? Continue to develop the speeches with additional advanced courses with the inhabitants of Africa, the forest and the North Pole. Replenishment of new courses with other themed sounds is expected soon.

Professional paid mode:
- Possibility of taking turns with several children;
- Statistics for each child with information about the success of the lessons for each sound;
- Sandbox mode, for organizing classes according to your own method, with an automatic timer;
- Sound mixing function.
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Price: 免费
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires 11.0 or later
Bundle Id: ru.siteyou.Sounds
Size: 171.10 MB
Genre: Education
Release Date: 2021-08-22
Last Update: 2021-08-22
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Aleksey Moryakov
Language: EN - RU -
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