AH Diary, mindfulness, goals
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AH Diary, mindfulness, goals
AH Diary, mindfulness, goals

AH Diary, mindfulness, goals

Developer: Steven Eissing
App Size: 85.6MB
Release Date: 2020년 6월 23일
Price: FREE
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Happy people who achieve their goals use techniques such as diary for gratitude and mindfulness. Functions for these and other techniques can be found in this app for more self-love, happiness and success in life.

Used daily you can become happier, more content and more successful in life. The rich and famous do nothing else either. They have set routines that they follow every day. They practice more mindfulness every day to achieve their goals.

In this app for more mindfulness you will find exactly these functions or techniques like a diary for gratitude.

What do you want to achieve

- Get happier?
- Less "complaining"?
- More money?
- To look better?
- More success in your job?
- A more exciting life?

Functions at a glance

- Goals
- Gratitude diary
- I'm awesome (for more self-love)
- Habits
- Affirmations
- Happiness maker
- If-then rules
- Own rules
- Reminder

Get rid of bad habits and learn new useful ones. Experience self-love, gratitude, joy and become happier and more satisfied with the methods of the experts without having to learn them.

With the help of methods such as a diary or gratitude diary or affirmations (among other things for motivation), a method to set and achieve goals or to get rid of bad habits, you will be able to change your life for the better. Learn gratitude and self-love by finally taking care of yourself.

Surely you know the feeling that something seems to be missing in your life, maybe you even have depression. You may be happy on the outside, but so are you deep inside. Are you not really hiding a deep-seated problem with your addictions like too much sugar, unhealthy diet, smoking, drugs, too much shopping, gossiping and complaining? Where do these bad habits come from? When was the last time you were grateful or what about your positive self-love?

How nice would it be to be unconditionally happy and to experience joy?

You can learn to be happy and successful. There are methods that the happiest and most successful people use every day. They too establish good habits and practice self-love.

We invest so much time in learning something for our job, we know all the latest series and films, we know which is the best smartphone, but we rarely do anything for our well-being. Do you know how to train your gratitude?

And this is exactly where "Achtung Happy" comes into play, the app is your daily companion including a reminder and helps you to become happier and more successful. Some of the methods from the app are already familiar from other tips on the subject of “becoming happier”.

With Achtung Happy you can always carry out these methods because you always have the app with you. Put an end to the heavy, impractical and environmentally harmful paper diary.

The app also offers you a huge advantage - emotions. With emotions, for example, you can establish new habits much better. You can not only access text input, but also audio and video. Not even the best paper luck diary can offer you that.

All functions were researched and carried out by the founder himself. This was the only way Steven could get himself out of a deep hole. In applying them, he kept coming across the problem that they are impractical. The knowledge of seminars and books is great, but it won't help you if you don't apply it. This is exactly the problem that Attention! Happy for you - more mindfulness & self-love.

All of your data is on your smartphone. You can also back them up with your cloud. So only you have access to your data, they never pass our computers.

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AH Diary, mindfulness, goals 2.0 Update
2020년 6월 23일 Version History
Adjusted the age restrictions

~Steven Eissing
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Price: FREE
Version: 2.0
Compatibility: Requires iOS 12 or later
Bundle Id: com.achtung.happy
Size: 85.6MB
Release Date: 2020년 6월 23일
Last Update: 2020년 6월 23일
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Steven Eissing
Language: 독일어 - 영어 -
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