PatoRepo Numerical Management
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PatoRepo Numerical Management
PatoRepo Numerical Management

PatoRepo Numerical Management

Helping daily numeric record

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Release Date: 2018-09-06
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PatoRepo was developed by listening to various voices from companies that recorded inspection results of factory equipment on paper.
At that company, PatoRepo was actually put into operation at the factory, and the daily equipment inspection operation that was done on paper was changed to electronic.

With paper, it was difficult to check past inspection records on the spot, and there was the problem that it was not immediately clear whether the value was abnormal.
By using PatoRepo, you can easily check past records with graphs, and you can efficiently inspect equipment.

In addition, PatoRepo can export the entered data.
It can also be used when you need to import it into your company's system for operation, or when you need to output it to Excel and print it on paper.
For some companies, storing data in an external cloud system can be difficult for security reasons. Patrepo allows you to complete input and export in your local app without going through the cloud. You can easily install and try it.

## Usage scene

It can be used when entering numerical values ​​on a regular basis.
For example, you can use it as follows.
* You want to perform regular factory equipment inspections and record what you have checked.
* You want to record what you have checked in the inspection of infrastructure equipment.
* You want to record the numerical value of the result in the management of the experimental result in the laboratory.
* You want to record temperature / humidity / equipment values ​​in crop management.
* You want to record the number of times each training or practice is performed in sports practice.

## We are responding to such problems and opinions.
* I want you to be able to fill in the person who recorded it
* I want you to be able to input selection formulas such as weather (sunny, rain, cloudy).
* I want to customize the content to be recorded according to my company
* I want to notice abnormal values ​​in the record
* I want you to understand the omission
* I want to know the progress rate of input
* Since there are many input items, I want to manage them by grouping them.
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PatoRepo Numerical Management 2.0.5 Update
The following feature released.* Export to Excel format* Export to Text (MarkDown format)* Not only Email export but also share to application* Fixed some bugs

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Price: FREE
Version: 2.0.5
Compatibility: Requires Requires iOS 15 or later
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Size: 17.3 MB
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Release Date: 2018-09-06
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