Tinytide Hero
Tinytide Hero
Tinytide Hero

Tinytide Hero

アプリのサイズ: 179.8MB
リリース日: 2024年4月1日
価格: FREE
6 評価
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"Tinytide Hero: the tale of a little shark" is an exciting underwater adventure game whose goal is to defeat a sea monster at the last level. Your mission through each level is to guide your little shark to eat a required number of fish, which makes it grow in strength and size. But that's not all, you must also find a hidden treasure box to complete each level. The box awards you with extra points and coins so you can upgrade your shark's speed or equip it with shields and bullets.

Beware! The ocean is full of dangers that you must skillfully avoid. From bigger sharks, to urchins and other hazards, the deep sea is no place for the faint-hearted.

With each passing level, you will navigate through the beautiful underwater world filled with many hidden treasures. The bigger you grow, the better equipped you'll be to face the challenges.

Rewards: Every minute you stay in the deep comes with a special reward. There are coins, little mermaid, turtle etc., which comes with surprises. In addition, watch out for the little diver who brings gifts wrapped in a red box. Your reward awaits!

Ads: The game features rewarded video ads, which you can choose to watch for extra rewards such as coins, shields and bullets. We made sure there are no intrusive ad pop-ups to disrupt your gaming experience.

In-app purchases: This game contains in-app purchases, which are optional and gives you an advantage to boost your adventure and enhance your gameplay. The ads and in-app purchases allows us to keep the game free for everyone while still offering premium experience for those who want it.

Achievements and Leaderboard: Reach certain milestone to earn an achievement title. Such millstone includes eating a number of fish, collecting a number of coins, reaching certain levels etc. Your score points increases as well when you perform certain actions. You should be able to compare your score with other players globally from the main menu.

So why wait? Dive in and prove you have what it takes to survive. Your underwater adventure awaits!
Tinytide Hero 1.3 2024年4月19日
2024年4月19日 バージョンの履歴
- New Features:Players can now pickup lives, similar to coin pickups, when a life is lost.- Modifications:Removed the Ads button from the play scene.Shark can now retain the number of Fish eaten when a life is lost.

~Victory Chukwuemeka
の詳細情報: Tinytide Hero
価格: FREE
バージョン: 1.3
互換性: iOS 12 またはそれ以降
バンドルID: Writing4thekids.Little-Shark-Adventures
サイズ: 179.8MB
ジャンル: Games
リリース日: 2024年4月1日
最後の更新: 2024年4月19日
コンテンツの評価: 9+
開発者: Victory Chukwuemeka
言語: 英語 -
によって開発されたすべてのアプリ & ゲーム: Victory Chukwuemeka