Mahjong 2 Hidden Tiles
Mahjong 2 Hidden Tiles
Mahjong 2 Hidden Tiles

Mahjong 2 Hidden Tiles

開発者: Absolutist Ltd
アプリのサイズ: 30.4MB
リリース日: 2012年5月6日
価格: FREE
5 評価
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iPhone X
Mahjong Solitaire games have never been so creative and challenging! Enjoy hasteless pair-matching gameplay offline, or take part in mahjong duels in a 2-player game mode online.

Become a famous mahjong master as you enter the incredible world of a pair-matching game Mahjong 2: Hidden Tiles! Try the best 400 puzzles created by true Mahjong Solitaire fans worldwide, and prove your tile-matching skills in the competitive multiplayer mode online! Experience an epic mahjong journey to unlock ancient wisdom.

* Discover over 400 Mahjong Solitaire levels
* Play full game offline
* Exercise your brain with Math mahjong
* Activate the competitive multiplayer mode online
* Use hints to solve puzzles
* Experience an epic mahjong journey
* Enjoy the casual game for all ages

Sharpen your pair-matching skills by solving more than 400 creative Mahjong Solitaire boards. Mahjong 2: Hidden Tiles is a collection of puzzles created by true fans of the classic board game, such as you. Selecting the best brainteasers out of thousands was hard, ranking them was impossible! That’s why the puzzles are given randomly. If you don’t like certain Mahjong Solitaire, quit to main menu and restart the game to play a brand-new puzzle. Or switch the game mode and and exercise your brain with Math mahjong puzzles.

The very notion of Mahjong Solitaire prompts that it’s a single-player game. However, if you have a competitive spirit, enable internet connection for the app to take part in challenging mahjong duels. Once you play online in the multiplayer mode, you and your rival will face the same Mahjong Solitaire. Be the first to solve the puzzle and gain bonus score to climb up in the global leaderboard. Otherwise, if you prefer to play pair-matching games for relaxation, go for the single-player mode and enjoy the Mahjong Solitaire offline.

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Mahjong 2 Hidden Tiles 2.20.3 2023年3月13日
2023年3月13日 バージョンの履歴
Added new ways to get hints in the game!Have fun! If you like this game, please do not forget to rate us and share amongst your friends.

~Absolutist Ltd
の詳細情報: Mahjong 2 Hidden Tiles
価格: FREE
バージョン: 2.20.3
互換性: iOS 10 またはそれ以降
バンドルID: com.absolutist.mahjong2
サイズ: 30.4MB
ジャンル: Games
リリース日: 2012年5月6日
最後の更新: 2023年3月13日
コンテンツの評価: 4+
開発者: Absolutist Ltd
言語: ドイツ語、フランス語、ロシア語、英語 -
によって開発されたすべてのアプリ & ゲーム: Absolutist Ltd