開発者: RoGame Software
アプリのサイズ: 10.2MB
リリース日: 2008年11月13日
価格: ¥300
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iPhone X
Almond is a small but fairly comprehensive music terminology reference for iOS and Apple Watch. It lists over 1500 terms with some 200 illustrations and is designed to deliver short, concise definitions ideal for a watch app. Music terminology is often confusing to beginners as well as advanced students or even teachers due to the melange of languages used. While one score may have remarks in German the next piece could be annotated in Italian or French. Thus in addition to most common phrases also standard French, Italian and German terms are included. Almond is not limited to classical music and includes many terms from contemporary music styles like Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop as well as modern music production. Best of all - Almond includes a fully featured Apple Watch app, so one can have an entire music terminology reference right on the wrist.

Most often the main description and inline illustration are available directly on the main screen. Tapping an entry displays the details view that often contains additional information regarding a specific term. To widen a definition Almond also features convenient links to Google and Wikipedia which can be accessed through the buttons in the toolbar. These buttons are "pre-loaded" with the current search term and will launch Safari with the results for the search term in either Google Defines or Wikipedia. This three-step access allows quick access to data even if not connected to the internet or when data transfer needs to be kept to a minimum and only takes one additional tap to access the full resources of the internet to do a deep search for a specific musical term.

Almond for Apple Watch is a near full realization of its companion iOS app. This is also where the app is most useful. It includes the full set of musical terms, cross-referencing and all images. It loads in 3 screens to allow for faster searching: an alphabetic index, search terms as per letter and finally the definition screen. Almond for Apple Watch is the first musical terms reference for Apple Watch and of course it is free with the iOS app.

• Over 1500 terms
• Over 200 Illustrations
• Major German, Italian and French terms included
• Cross referencing
• Search
• One-tap Google and Wikipedia Search
• 3 available font sizes
• Apple Watch app

Anybody involved in music, student or professional, has at some time or another used dictionaries, tables and other ways to look up musical terminology. Even the experienced performer will occasionally have had a score with just one or two completely unknown annotations. With Almond this is now a problem of the past. Almond is available on the iPhone app store by itself and also at a great discount as part of the popular Music Beginner Bundle.
Almond 1.7.1 2021年10月29日
2021年10月29日 バージョンの履歴
This version fixes a minor display bug on Apple Watch.

~RoGame Software
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価格: ¥300
バージョン: 1.7.1
互換性: iOS 12 またはそれ以降
バンドルID: com.rogame.Almond
サイズ: 10.2MB
ジャンル: Music
リリース日: 2008年11月13日
最後の更新: 2021年10月29日
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開発者: RoGame Software
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