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29 Card Multiplayer
29 Card Multiplayer
29 Card Multiplayer

29 Card Multiplayer

開発者: OEngines Games LLP
アプリのサイズ: 92.6MB
リリース日: 2021年12月16日
価格: FREE
6 評価
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iPhone X
First time 28 and 29 together at one place, One of the most addictive 28 & 29 online card game with lot's of variations, 28 & 29 online by OENGINES GAMES.

The best online 28 multiplayer and 29 Card Game is now ready for smartphone and tablets with its awesome game-play. Download now and play free and earn more coins. You can play 28 and 29 online card game anywhere you want.

29 Card Game is usually played by four players in fixed partnerships, partners facing each other.
Jacks - 3 points each
Nines - 2 points each
Aces - 1 point each
Tens - 1 point each
Other cards (K, Q, 8, 7) no points

***** BONUS COINS *****
- Login with your social account today to get 50,000 coins Welcome Bonus to the 28 & 29 online card game, or Get even more coins by collecting your Daily Bonus Wheel every day with our 28 Card Game or 29 Card Game.

***** CLASSIC TABLE *****
-Choose your bid with your partner and gives challenges to the opponent team with the 28 and 29 multiplayer card game.

***** PRIVATE TABLE *****
-Play the classic Partnership mode with the 28 and 29 multiplayer games with a custom private table.

***** Variations *****
The score for the game is increased to two game points whenever the bid is 21 or more. The bidding side exposes or covers two red or black pips rather than just one.
Bids of 21 or more, which are already worth two game points, can be doubled by the bidder's opponents, raising their value to four points (this is treated as a redouble), but four a game points are the limit: the value cannot be further increased by the bidding team.

Single Hand
Before the lead to the first trick, a player with very strong cards may declare a 'single hand', undertaking to win all eight tricks, playing alone. In this case there are no trumps, the player who announced 'single hand' leads to the first trick, and the partner of the alone player places his or her hand face down and takes no part in the play. The alone player's team wins 3 game points if all eight tricks are won, and loses 3 points otherwise.

Under Half
The bidder scores less than half of the call this doubles the number of game points they lose.

***** 28 & 29 GAME FEATURES *****
-Leaderboard to get competition with worldwide players with 28 & 29 online multiplayer game.
-Timer Bonus Get Time Based Bonus Coins in the 28 and 29 multiplayer games and collect it.
-Daily Bonus Get Daily Wheel with 28 and 29 multiplayer games and collect the coins.

-28 & 29 online multiplayer game offers the strategy elements of Texas Hold’em Poker card and luck elements of Slot games, Daily reward Roulette with Crazy graphics.
-Best sounds effects and easy controls.
-Easily take and throw the card from suit in our 28 & 29 multiplayer card game.
-28 & 29 multiplayer card game brings this classic 4-player contract trick-taking card game to App Store, with the high quality of Oengines Games.

28,29 online multiplayer card games played with family, friends & kids.
28,29 online multiplayer card game is Download for Free!
28,29 online multiplayer is a trick-taking card game
With plenty of features, 28 & 29 Multiplayer Game brings you a really unique gaming experience.

Bored sitting at home or the subway? Just launch the Online 28 & 29 multiplayer card game and rack your brains and win!
You can directly contact us from our game settings.
Have fun.
29 Card Multiplayer 0.8 2024年1月12日
2024年1月12日 バージョンの履歴
-Update libraries-Fix crashes & Enhance user experiences

~OEngines Games LLP
の詳細情報: 29 Card Multiplayer
価格: FREE
バージョン: 0.8
互換性: iOS 13 またはそれ以降
バンドルID: com.oengines.online2829.multiplayer
サイズ: 92.6MB
ジャンル: Games
リリース日: 2021年12月16日
最後の更新: 2024年1月12日
コンテンツの評価: 17+
開発者: OEngines Games LLP
言語: 英語 -
によって開発されたすべてのアプリ & ゲーム: OEngines Games LLP