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Wheelhouse is for the fans‪.‬

開発者: Live Fantasy LLC
アプリのサイズ: 781.4 MB
リリース日: Jul 4, 2022
価格: FREE
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iPhone X
Free Play. We Pay.
Wheelhouse is much more than the traditional app. Wheelhouse is a new, one-of-a-kind, fun, interactive way for you to play contests and make money! There is NO monetary commitment for playing Wheelhouse – no entry fee, no in-app purchases, no subscription fees. Wheelhouse is completely FREE. The only monetary consideration is how much you will WIN!

Using Wheelhouse, you will watch live, family-friendly gaming events hosted in our Wheelhouse studio and participate in real-time contests to make predictions about outcomes. Make guesses on game action such as which player will score next and acquire points for all correct answers. Increase scores with bonuses for consecutive correct answers and “boosters” that can be strategically used to increase points. Winners receive gift cards or cash prizes.

The business model is simple: Use advertising dollars to give fans prizes. Wheelhouse is for the fans. Wheelhouse is free for all ages 13 and up and uses family-friendly games to award gift cards for minors and cash prizes for adults. The whole family – kids, parents and grandparents – can play a fun, short contest together and compete for winnings. Contests are easy to follow and the live Wheelhouse host will guide users to make selections and predictions easily before and during the event.

Wheelhouse has its own studio productions of contests with gamers playing video games specifically for Wheelhouse. Users watch these contests on our streaming channel embedded in the app and receive real-time guidance from our live hosts. Users then make interactive predictions on action and outcomes and earn points on each correct guess. They might be prompted to choose players in a Madden football game or guess who will score next in a Rocket League competition. Multiple prompts will be presented to keep users entertained (and earning points!) throughout the entire contest. In addition to prompts from the hosts, users can be interactive with friends and competitors across the country. The Wheelhouse chat board allows users to connect with friends during live events or any time at all. The Wheelhouse leaderboard show users how they’re stacking up against the competition in real-time. With Wheelhouse, you compete for prizes with a national audience!

Unlike many gaming experiences, Wheelhouse contests are short – 30 minutes in length! And unlike traditional sporting events, our contests can be held anytime without regard for weather, team schedules, league schedules or seasons. Wheelhouse controls everything for the competition: our studio, our game, our players, our schedule and our host providing constant interaction and engagement for the users.

The ad-driven Wheelhouse model provides prizes for two groups of users: Wheelhouse Minor League is for ages 13-17 and winners are awarded their choice of branded gift cards; Wheelhouse Major League is for ages 18 and up and winners receive Visa gift cards and cash prizes.
Wheelhouse Games 1.0.5 Oct 19, 2022
- Leaderboards have been optimized, improving loading and display times.- Number of displayed Leaderboard entries is now limited to the Top 100 Users and the Users rank.

~Live Fantasy LLC
の詳細情報: Wheelhouse Games
価格: FREE
バージョン: 1.0.5
互換性: Requires iOS 12 またはそれ以降
サイズ: 781.4 MB
ジャンル: Entertainment
リリース日: Jul 4, 2022
最後の更新: Oct 19, 2022
コンテンツの評価: 12+
開発者: Live Fantasy LLC
言語: English -
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