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The leader in sports and entertainment trading cards is now offering a shopping app for the first time. Find the latest, greatest, and newest innovations that Topps has to offer including Topps NOW®, Living Set™, custom cards, Collaborations, and more!

Topps NOW® - The pioneer in real-time, on-demand products, Topps NOW® celebrates the top moments in sports and entertainment on a daily basis. The cards are printed and shipped to your doorstep in 3-5 business days. The app will allow you to seamlessly checkout to get the cards before the 24-hour clock expires. The archives provide up-to-date information on the number of cards printed. App users will be provided early notifications, reminder messages, and exclusive offers. Never miss out on another moment! Your Team, Your Hero, Your Moment!

Living Set™- The set that redefined set collecting is a cross-generational set that never ends. New cards are released on a weekly basis and are only available for one week. After the clock expires, these cards will never be offered again. Available for MLB, Star Wars, and UCL, the MLB Living Set™ features the stunning artwork from Mayumi Seto on the classic 1953 design. The Star Wars Living Set™ is inspired by the iconic 1977 Topps Star Wars Series 1 design, and will feature artwork by notable Star Wars artist, Kris Penix. Celebrating the world's best footballers, UCL Living Set™ features exquisite hand-drawn cards by Musa Drammeh on the iconic and collector-favorite "Topps 1977/78 Footballers" trading card design.

Throwback Thursday - Who doesn’t love seeing #TBT posts on social media? Topps’ version of Throwback Thursday leverages our rich and extensive history of card designs that date back to the 1940s. These designs are paired with current stars or retired icons to form some truly memorable and unique combinations. Charlie’s Angels x MLB Players, Rocky x 1976 MLB design, Star Wars x 1980 NBA to name a few.

On-Demand - Topps has created online exclusive box sets. You won’t find these sets in your local hobby store!

Collaborations - Topps has turned over the creative reins to athletes, stars, and celebrities for the first time ever. In 2018, Bryce Harper designed the first set in this new product line called Topps x Bryce Harper, 220 Collection which celebrates his Second to None playing style. Just this year Topps has teamed up with Francisco Lindor and Gary Vaynerchuk to create their own sets with more to come!

Custom Cards - Did you ever dream of having your very own Topps card? Now it’s easier than ever for this dream to become a reality. Using the custom card builder on the app, you can design and create your own card in minutes. Little League games, birthday cards, birth and engagement announcements are just some of the moments that can be captured and commemorated with custom cards.
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