TypeTail - Chat Stories
TypeTail - Chat Stories
TypeTail - Chat Stories

TypeTail - Chat Stories

The new age social stories‪‬

アプリのサイズ: 50.4 MB
リリース日: May 31, 2017
価格: FREE
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50.4 MB
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We have always been a race obsessed with stories. Since the days where we drew murals on cave walls, we've made quantum leaps in our intrinsic ability to tell tales. This is the next stage, the fusion of technology and humanity's most fundamental power. TypeTail will redefine the way you read, create, and visually experience stories.

TypeTail is the new age platform for storytelling. Structured in a contemporary style, TypeTail brings fiction to your iPhone in a chat messenger type of narrative loaded with fun elements.

Create your own stories either solo or with your friends! With TypeTail, build your own worlds and characters, and make them come to life. Create an impact with your stories.

Read stories, written on almost any topic you can think of (you can write the others yourself!) Some stories are on topics that matter. Some are just pure entertainment and fun.
Welcome to TypeTail- once you start, you won't be able to stop!


Read stories written by some of the best writers ever.
Write your own tails.
Collaborate with friends to come up with new stories.
TypeTail - Chat Stories 2.1 Feb 6, 2018
This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.The "swift" new version of the app. Experience improved features and superior performance at lightning speed. We have added an exciting new feature to this version. The stories just got more visual! You can now add images or gifs to the plot and as a cover pic for your stories. With the new tag feature and genres added to this version, you can search for your favourite genre and pick a story of your interest. Exploring new stories is super easy now. We have also simplified and improved the writing experience in this version to boost the storyteller in you.Happy Tailing.

~Syncwits Innovatives Private Limited
の詳細情報: TypeTail - Chat Stories
価格: FREE
バージョン: 2.1
互換性: Requires iOS 9 またはそれ以降
サイズ: 50.4 MB
ジャンル: Books
リリース日: May 31, 2017
最後の更新: Feb 6, 2018
コンテンツの評価: 12+
開発者: Syncwits Innovatives Private Limited
言語: English -
によって開発されたすべてのアプリ & ゲーム: Syncwits Innovatives Private Limited