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Sviluppatore: Dazspor
Dimensione dell'App: 63,9 MB
Data di rilascio: 16 apr 2024
Prezzo: FREE
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63,9 MB
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Introducing our revolutionary mobile app designed specifically for road and trail runners, brought to you by Dazspor. Whether you're an avid runner seeking comprehensive race information or a dedicated supporter wanting to track your favorite athletes live on the course, our app has you covered.

For Runners:
- Get all the crucial race details at your fingertips, including start times, course maps, elevation profiles, aid station locations, and more.
- Customize your race experience by receiving real-time progress updates during the race.
- Access tips, last minute updates to help you achieve your peak performance on race day.
- Connect with fellow runners, share your experiences, and stay motivated through our vibrant community.

For Supporters:
- Follow your runners live with live tracking, allowing you to see their location, pace, and predicted finish time.
- Receive notifications when your runners reach key milestones or checkpoints along the course.
- Explore detailed runner profiles with photos, bios, and race history to cheer them on with personalized messages.
- Access spectator guides, event schedules, and nearby amenities to make the most of your race day experience.

Key Features:
1. Live Tracking: Track multiple runners simultaneously with live tracking and interactive maps.
2. Real-Time Updates: Receive instant notifications for important race updates, such as changes in course conditions or weather alerts.
3. Virtual Cheering: Send virtual cheers and messages to motivate your runners during their toughest moments on the course.
4. Results and Rankings: Access official race results, leaderboards, and individual rankings post-event.
5. Social Sharing: Share your race experiences, achievements, and photos on social media directly from the app.
6. Safety and Security: Utilize emergency features for runners to alert race officials or loved ones in case of emergencies.

Our app is designed to enhance every aspect of your road and trail running experience, from preparation to participation to celebration. Join us in embracing the future of running technology and download our app today to elevate your running journey to new heights. Get ready to run smarter, cheer louder, and connect deeper with the running community like never before!

Dazspor App - Empowering Runners, Connecting Supporters, Redefining Racing.
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Dazspor 1.0.3 27 mag 2024
27 mag 2024 Storia delle versioni
- Bug Fixes and/or Performance Updates.

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Prezzo: FREE
Versione: 1.0.3
Compatibilità: Richiede iOS 16 O versioni successive
ID del pacchetto: events.tracx.dazspor
Dimensione: 63,9 MB
Genere: Sports
Data di rilascio: 16 apr 2024
Ultimo aggiornamento: 27 mag 2024
Valutazione dei contenuti: 4+
Sviluppatore: Dazspor
Lingua: Italiano - Arabo - Catalano - Ceco - Cinese Tradizionale - Coreano - Croato - Danese - Finlandese - Francese - Giapponese - Greco - Inglese - Olandese - Polacco - Portoghese - Rumeno - Russo - Slovacco - Spagnolo - Svedese - Tedesco - Ungherese -
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