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Ukuran Aplikasi: 99,7 MB
Tanggal Rilis: 1 Jun 2024
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Main Features:

Epic Quests: Track your core exercises with engaging main quests. Complete them to earn experience points (XP) and gold.
Random Side Quests: Keep things exciting with random side quests that add variety to your routine. Earn extra XP and gold for completing these unexpected challenges.
Character Progression: Level up your character as you earn XP. Make your character stronger and ready to face greater challenges.
Dungeons: Use your leveled-up character to defeat enemies in two thrilling types of dungeons. Test your strength and strategy in these epic battles.
Leaderboard: Add friends via friend ID and compare your progress on the leaderboard. Stay motivated by seeing how you stack up against others.
Shop: Use the gold you earn to buy items and equip your character. Enhance your character's strength and abilities to tackle tougher quests and dungeons.
Custom Quests: Create your own quests to tailor your fitness and habit-tracking experience. Set your own challenges and goals.

Transform your daily habits into an adventure and stay motivated on your fitness journey. Download now and start leveling up your life!
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SelfQuest 1.3.1 14 Jul 2024
14 Jul 2024 Riwayat Versi
Somewhere to spend gold - you may now spend gold to get items up to S grade (not SS though) - and you can now set your targets for main quests again but you can still exceed them.And game will now tell you if internet connection is not good preventing another bugAlso simplified the login - once you sign up it autopopulates the login screen with the details you put inAnd when you create a new character the username you enter is now characters name (people kept forgetting username)bugfix on intelligence statbugfix on dungeon excercisesbugfix on penalty

~james kirkham
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Harga: FREE
Versi: 1.3.1
Kesesuaian: Memerlukan iOS 12 Atau Lebih Baru
ID Bundel: com.example.selfquest
Ukuran: 99,7 MB
Genre: All
Tanggal Rilis: 1 Jun 2024
Pembaruan Terakhir: 14 Jul 2024
Peringkat Konten: 4+
Pengembang: james kirkham
Bahasa: Inggris -
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