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Tanggal Rilis: 21 Mar 2024
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Embark on a journey where your driving habits pave the way for rewards and safety. LETSTOP is not just an app; it's a beacon for change in the driving community. By prioritizing safety, you're not only protecting yourself but also earning rewards that make every journey more fulfilling.

Experience the LETSTOP Difference:

Dynamic Reward System: Earn LETSTOP credits every time you drive safely. Redeem these for a variety of rewards, including upgrades and exclusive deals.
Innovative Safety Monitoring: Our AI-powered system analyzes your driving, offering constructive feedback and rewarding you for safe practices.
Global Leaderboards: Showcase your commitment to safety by climbing the global rankings, inspiring others, and earning additional credits.
Seamless Integration: With LETSTOP, safety becomes a seamless part of your driving. Enjoy easy-to-understand feedback and suggestions that enhance your journey.
Tailored Driving Insights: Get personalized tips to improve your driving, understand your patterns, and see how small changes can lead to big rewards.

What's in Store for You?

Diverse Rewards: From in-app upgrades to exciting vouchers, the rewards with LETSTOP are as varied as they are enticing.
Community Engagement: Join a global community of responsible drivers. Refer your friends to increase your earnings, climb the leaderboards, and even challenge friends to beat your safety score.
Regular Enhancements: With continuous updates and new features, LETSTOP is an evolving platform dedicated to your driving experience and safety.

We have the option to purchase monthly subscriptions and earn more, check our Terms

Take the Wheel with LETSTOP

Download now and be a part of a growing community that values safety, innovation, and rewards. Your journey towards safer, more rewarding driving starts with LETSTOP!
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LETSTOP 1.0.6 18 Jul 2024
18 Jul 2024 Riwayat Versi
This update includes bug fixes for improved app performance and security enhancements for a smoother user experience.

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Harga: FREE
Versi: 1.0.6
Kesesuaian: Memerlukan iOS 13 Atau Lebih Baru
ID Bundel: com.letstop
Ukuran: 209,4 MB
Genre: All
Tanggal Rilis: 21 Mar 2024
Pembaruan Terakhir: 18 Jul 2024
Peringkat Konten: 17+
Pengembang: IMAPTO LTD
Bahasa: Inggris -
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