Vault of the Void
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Vault of the Void
Vault of the Void

Vault of the Void

Pengembang: Spider Nest Games
Ukuran Aplikasi: 537,4 MB
Tanggal Rilis: 18 Jun 2024
Harga: Rp 119ribu
6 Peringkat
537,4 MB
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Craft and plan your strategy with Vault of the Void's dynamic deckbuilding!

PC/Mobile Crossplay live now!

Vault of the Void is a single-player, low-RNG roguelike deckbuilder designed to put the power into your hands. Continuously build, transform and iterate on your deck as you progress through your run - or even before each battle, with a fixed deck size of 20 cards required before each fight.

Preview which enemies you’ll be battling before each encounter, giving you a chance to carefully plan your strategy. With no random events, your success is in your hands - and your creativity and skill define your chances of victory!

- Choose from 4 different classes, each one with a completely different playstyle!
- Constantly iterate on your deck with 440+ different cards!
- Battle 90+ fearsome monsters as you make your way to The Void.
- Change up your playstyle with 320+ Artifacts.
- Infuse your cards with different Void Stones - leading to endless combinations!
- PC/Mobile Crossplay: pick up where you left off at any time!
- A roguelike CCG where the power’s in your hands, and without RNG.
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Vault of the Void 2.5.19 27 Jun 2024
27 Jun 2024 Riwayat Versi
- localisation added to storefront, along with screenshots- player profile page now has an achievement section- achievement pops added to mobile- various bug and performance updates

~Spider Nest Games
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Harga: Rp 119ribu
Versi: 2.5.19
Kesesuaian: Memerlukan iOS 12 Atau Lebih Baru
ID Bundel: com.vaultofthevoid
Ukuran: 537,4 MB
Genre: All
Tanggal Rilis: 18 Jun 2024
Pembaruan Terakhir: 27 Jun 2024
Peringkat Konten: 4+
Pengembang: Spider Nest Games
Bahasa: Inggris -
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