I am · Daily Affirmations
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I am · Daily Affirmations
I am · Daily Affirmations

I am · Daily Affirmations

Pengembang: Kanza Ahmad
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Tanggal Rilis: 5 Apr 2022
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o Get notified with powerful affirmations throughout the day
o Receive highly inspirational quotes over the day
o Daily New Affirmations
o Hundreds of Daily Quotes
o Soothing Themes
o Mesmerizing Fonts
o Add Audio Affirmations

Daily Affirmations has a vast variety of energetic, motivating, and inspirational affirmations and quotes you can verbally recite every day to control your thoughts and be powerful.

Thoughts really become things if you keep them thinking for too long.

Do you want your negative thoughts to become evil things or do you want to be in control and channel your positive thoughts into positive energy to help you succeed in life?

Daily Affirmations can help you with the most desired and needed motivation at times when you need them the most.
You know how hard it can be to succeed in life when your brain is consistently working against you.

No more!

Daily Affirmations can help you restructure your thoughts and fill your day with energy by thinking more positive thoughts every minute...

It is focused on making you merrier. If there’s one thing you need to succeed in life, that’s a happy brain.


From a historical quote to a powerful affirmation, you can find words that will move the world for you.

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I am · Daily Affirmations 3.0 21 Jun 2024
21 Jun 2024 Riwayat Versi
Minor bugs fixes

~Kanza Ahmad
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ID Bundel: com.sajjadali.affirmationsapp
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Tanggal Rilis: 5 Apr 2022
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Pengembang: Kanza Ahmad
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