RISE Sleep Tracker
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RISE Sleep Tracker
RISE Sleep Tracker

RISE Sleep Tracker

Pengembang: Rise Science Inc
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Tanggal Rilis: 19 Agu 2019
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Join over 5 million users! Become a better sleeper and morning person thanks to 100 years of sleep science with RISE, the only sleep tracker that also measures your sleep debt and energy levels.

Recommended by the Sleep Foundation and trusted by teams in the NFL, MLB, and NBA, and top Fortune 500 companies, RISE makes it easy to improve your sleep and energy.

But RISE is more than a sleep and energy tracker. Users can access widgets, calendar integration, sleeping sounds, meditation guides, smart alarm clocks, habit reminders, and a sleep knowledge library.


Chase M.
"RISE helped me understand how vital sleep truly is. In only a few weeks, I found myself more focused, energetic, and productive at work."

Becky G.
"I could see where sleep debt was causing issues, like temper short, not comprehending things, moving slowly.
 I had an epiphany... I'm getting 45min more sleep on average than I was before RISE."

Tired of the age-old "eight hours of shut-eye" advice? Go beyond buying a new mattress or pillow and discover the life-changing concept of Sleep Debt.

Scientifically proven to be a vital factor in your well-being, a low Sleep Debt can improve your life quality and even your longevity—while high Sleep Debt can cause fatigue and harm your health.

RISE calculates your Sleep Debt, helps you understand its impact on your energy, and guides you on how to lower it by improving sleeping habits. Learn about your melatonin window, when to prioritize sleep, and understand the real cost of those late nights—and how you can benefit from naps.

Do you find your mind racing when your head hits the pillow? Can’t stop doom-scrolling on your phone? Feeling fatigued all day?

Based on your sleep data, circadian rhythm, and the latest research, we’ll make recommendations that fit your needs and guide you toward healthier habits, making you a better sleeper.

RISE will get you in bed on time, guide you when you can’t sleep, reduce the times you wake up at night, and make you feel less groggy in the morning.

We all have an internal brain clock, our circadian rhythm, it signals to our body when to be alert or go into recovery mode. Everyone is unique, from when we perform our best to when we should sleep and wake up, so we use advanced algorithms to find your optimal sleep and activity window.

You’ll gain insight into your circadian rhythm and daily energy levels, helping you plan for a more productive day.

Sleeping refuels energy, and 83% of RISE users feel more energy in a week or less.

Through our integration with Apple Health, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Oura, and data from other sleep trackers on your phone, like Sleep Cycle and ShutEye, RISE can determine the hours of sleep you get every night, your sleep debt, the number of steps you take each day, as well as data from other activities that affect your sleep pattern.

We want to help get ahead of the Insufficient Sleep Epidemic (CDC, 2014) we're experiencing, which has been steadily increasing since 1985. This Epidemic has led to elevated mortality rates (Cappuccio, 2010) as well as underperformance in most aspects of life (RAND, 2016).

Today, we look at sleep as a luxury. RISE strives to create a world where healthy sleep is a necessity.

Subscription pricing & terms
RISE offers auto-renewing yearly subscriptions to provide unlimited access to all premium features. There’s also a limited-time free trial of 7 days to explore the premium features for free.

Payment will be charged to the credit card connected to your App Store account when you confirm the initial subscription purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Go to your Profile or App Store settings to manage your subscription.

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RISE Sleep Tracker 1.345.0 22 Des 2023
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Welcome to Rise! In this release, we have made multiple improvements to the reliability and performance of RISE.We're always making improvements to our app experience. Always happy to hear from you if you run into any trouble, want to share feedback, or just want to talk sleep! You can reach us at [email protected]

~Rise Science Inc
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