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Bladefall Heroes of Legend
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Bladefall Heroes of Legend
Bladefall Heroes of Legend

Bladefall Heroes of Legend

Desarrollador: Arcane Blast
Tamaño de la App: 88,6 MB
Fecha de Lanzamiento: 1 mar 2024
Precio: FREE
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88,6 MB
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Dive into the heart of the Bladefall, where every tap and swipe throws you into a combat against endless hordes of enemies. It's not just about surviving, but about mastering the art of battle. As you navigate through this top-down world, you'll encounter countless dangerous situations as well as the satisfaction of defeating swarm after swarm.

But Bladefall isn't just about the fight, it's about the journey and the heroes you become along the way. With every enemy defeated, you collect experience, level up, and face a choice that could change the tide of the battle: which legendary skill will you acquire next? It's like weaving your own legend, one battle at a time, with gods and celestial beings watching over you, granting you their ultimate powers.

This game is challenging, but the journey of becoming a legendary hero is magical. It's about pushing the limits, discovering new strategies and synergies, and becoming part of a world where heroes are made, not born. Welcome to Bladefall - where legends rise and heroes are forged in the heat of battle.
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Precio: FREE
Versión: 1.0
Compatibilidad: Requiere iOS 13 O posterior
ID del Paquete: com.ArcaneBlast.Bladefall
Tamaño: 88,6 MB
Género: Games
Fecha de Lanzamiento: 1 mar 2024
Clasificación de Contenido: 9+
Desarrollador: Arcane Blast
Idioma: Inglés -
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