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Tasktic to do list
Tasktic to do list

Tasktic to do list

Desarrollador: Peter Khouly
Tamaño de la App: 3,7 MB
Fecha de Lanzamiento: 5 sept 2023
Precio: FREE
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3,7 MB
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Find the thin line between complex and simple to do lists

- Rank your to-do’s with priority by just swiping right and left on the task
- Got stand out tasks, bring them bold by typing bold right after the task
- Scheduling a task? maybe for @tmr 9:12AM or @next wed 3pm or @4th sep 5pm? That’s all you need to do.
- Got a quick task you don’t wanna procrastinate about? Type 1h 5m and see the time estimate appear reminding you every time that you indeed have time for your tasks.
- Ever commented out code before? //Archive your tasks by adding two slashes before.
- Got some repetitive tasks such as quiz 1 dup and oh wow quiz 2? Yes all you need to do is type dup after the task and it will automatically replicate your task. If your task had a number such as release v1.2 dup .... release v1.3, it will also increment that.
- Find yourself conquering your to-do list with keyboard shortcuts on Mac and get every bit of time back in your life.
- Stay tuned for exciting features and enhancements coming soon such as recurring tasks, subtasks, completion summaries for annoying scrum meetings, and more!

Created by Peter Khouly

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Tasktic to do list 1.3.3 14 may 2024
• Repeat tasks everyday or weekly

~Peter Khouly
Más información sobre: Tasktic to do list
Precio: FREE
Versión: 1.3.3
Compatibilidad: macOS 13 O posterior
ID del Paquete: com.PeterKhouly.Tasktic
Tamaño: 3,7 MB
Género: Productivity
Fecha de Lanzamiento: 5 sept 2023
Última Actualización: 14 may 2024
Clasificación de Contenido: 4+
Desarrollador: Peter Khouly
Idioma: Inglés -
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