foodora Czechia Food Delivery
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foodora Czechia Food Delivery
foodora Czechia Food Delivery

foodora Czechia Food Delivery

Tamaño de la App: 206,5 MB
Fecha de Lanzamiento: 10 dic 2012
Precio: FREE
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206,5 MB
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Do you fancy a meal from your favourite restaurant or would you like to do a quick shop from the store? Treat yourself to a juicy burger, fresh sushi, healthy salad, sweet cake or restock your fridge. Order whatever you want, whenever you want.

Download the app and order

Our app is full of great restaurants and shops, including our online supermarket - foodora MARKET. Download the app and order.

How foodora works

Enter an address you want your order to be delivered at, we'll come to where you need us. It's morning and you have an uncontrollable craving for steak and mash, or maybe you're out of toothpaste and you're in your pajamas? Download the foodora app and your order is with you in minutes. And if you're wondering where the courier is, you can track your order in real time.

Why foodora

Looking for popular restaurants in your area? Want to try new food? Or try out how our grocery delivery or foodora MARKET works? Order whatever you want. Our courier will be at your door in minutes, while you can make the most of your time.

Contact us

Have you ordered from us before? We are interested in your opinion so that we can continuously improve.

How did we do? Email us at [email protected]

For more information, visit:
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foodora Czechia Food Delivery 24.13.0 17 jun 2024
Along with the new foodora brand, we have now launched a unique program we are excited to offer our customers: foodora PRO.Aiming to our most loyal users, the program will offer an exclusive suit of benefits through a membership fee.
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Precio: FREE
Versión: 24.13.0
Compatibilidad: Requiere iOS 13 O posterior
ID del Paquete: cz.damejidlo.damejidlo
Tamaño: 206,5 MB
Género: Food and Drink
Fecha de Lanzamiento: 10 dic 2012
Última Actualización: 17 jun 2024
Clasificación de Contenido: 4+
Idioma: Alemán - Chino simplificado - Chino tradicional - Finés - Francés - Indonesio - Inglés - Italiano - Japonés - Malayo - Neerlandés - Noruego bokmål - Rumano - Sueco - Tailandés - Turco -
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