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Developer: Richard Loda
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Release Date: Nov 28, 2023
Price: $4.99
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What’s your strategy to fund the rest of your life? The Stratsheet App can give you the insight needed to answer that question.

Stratsheet lets you generate a matrix of asset accounts and years. You then withdraw money from your accounts to meet your budget for each year. This is accomplished by adjusting Gain (%G) and Withdrawal (%WD) values individually for each year.

Values are updated by taking the previous end of year (EOY) numbers and applying the current year gains, losses and withdrawals, thus giving you a projection of how you will fund your financial future.

The Analysis screen displays the data matrix. Clicking on any entry allows you to edit the values data until you (closely) match your budget (Delta = 0). Multiple charts are available to aid in analysis and you can also chart any of the individual accounts. The app is highly flexible as to the kind of accounts you create, but If you need to have an account called Lotto Winnings to meet your budget, you may want to rethink your finances. Here, having the ability/option to withdraw more than your budget is a good thing.

You can also enter any historical data you have by initially choosing a start year prior to the current calendar year. Values only update from the current calendar year, meaning your historical data won’t change like the future years will when you click Update Values. Historical data is editable however.

There are no sign-ins, no monthly or annual fees, no tracking, no data collection, and no in-app purchases. Your user data is yours and remains in Core Data, private on your device(s) for safety and security. It is never stored or transmitted elsewhere, except by you.

No account number or bank information is needed so you can make the data generic for security purposes, e.g. Checking vs Your Bank Checking account #123456789. You alone can make that connection when you need to.

StratSheet helps you with your financial planning. It is not a budgeting or checkbook app, although a budget is involved. It provides a more strategic annual look at what you have, how it may change and how you will fund your future.

The resulting data are offered without any warranty as to their use.
Seller is not responsible for any financial decisions made by using this App.


Values are EOY (12/31/XX). Let the start year = current year -1.
Start with a dummy data set (a few accounts & years) to test & learn how the app functions.
When comfortable, Click the RESET button and start fresh with real data.
Enter & Save Project Info. ~10 years range. Beyond that is a SWAG anyway.
Enter asset and income account names.
Click Create Values Matrix, to generate matrix placeholders.
Use Edit Values or Analysis, at least for the 1st few years of data. All data does not need to be entered at once.
The last 3 summary accounts are calculated. Current WD = %WD (current year) x Value (previous year).
Click Update Values to update/recalculate changes at any point.
Check Analysis & Charts as you go, to see if your withdrawals match your budget.
Data can be saved to the App sandbox, and a .csv file can be moved from there to the Apple Files App to open in a Spreadsheet.
For a yearly salary entry with a 3% raise, you would enter 103%G and 100%WD. A total loss of salary would be a -100%G.
See the website for more usage tips.
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Price: $4.99
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires iOS 16 Or Later
Bundel Id: com.FCSoftware.Stratsheet
Size: 868.4 KB
Genre: Finance
Release Date: Nov 28, 2023
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Richard Loda
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