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Adjust My Crown Outfit Maker
Adjust My Crown Outfit Maker

Adjust My Crown Outfit Maker

Virtual Closet Organizer

Developer: Ornamentum, LLC
App Size: 138.5 MB
Release Date: Dec 9, 2023
Price: FREE
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138.5 MB
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Adjust My Crown exists to:
1) answer the age-old question: “what should I wear?”
2) provide a happy, social place to scroll for style inspo

On AMC, you’ll post a pair of outfit options, set a deadline, and watch a supportive and stylish global community crown the winning look.

There’s no liking or commenting on AMC — only the option to cast a vote for your favorite look. There are also no filters. In fact, we use face- and background-blurring technology to eliminate the urge to make you or your house look perfect before you post a poll (because, ahem, you and it already are).

Ready to start posting? Here’s how it works:
1. Download our app
2. Subscribe.
3. Shop your closet. Pull together a pair (or 12!) of outfits or costumes or jean and shoe combinations or different necklaces on the same outfit or different sweaters
over the same dress… you get the idea.
4. Snap some pics. One rule: Don’t overthink it! Add the background- and face- blurring technology with simple taps ("edit") to keep the focus solely on your fits.
5. Poll the community. Upload a pair of pics and let the AMC community crown the winning look. Repeat as needed!
6. Adjust your crown accordingly. Dress confidently in the chosen fit. Enjoy your day!
7. Help others. Altruistic scrolling/voting!! Cast your vote on others’ looks too. Feel good knowing you’ve helped them stand taller. Your feed is full of live polls, from all over the world.
8. Get inspired. Scroll your feed to find (authentic and unsponsored) looks you love. Voting on the looks saves them in your profile.

Why isn’t it free? 
AMC is meant to be a 100% joyful space, so ads and sponsored
content — which are designed to conjure feelings of inadequacy, envy, and need — are
a no-go here. Subscriptions allow us to sustain an ad-free business model — plus,
requiring a subscription ensures that AI bots aren’t casting votes on your polls.

Can I post a single image to AMC? 
Nope, it’s gotta be a pair! We designed AMC so
that no one’s tallying likes vs. dislikes, nos vs. yeses.

How does the timing work? 
We know that time is (typically!) of the essence when
you’re deciding what to wear. With each fit-check poll, you’ll set a deadline, which is the
cut-off time for voting and when a winning fit will be crowned. Polls can be live for a
short time (like 30 minutes — perfect when you’re dressing for a date night), or for
weeks (maybe you’re planning ahead for a party/photo shoot).

Why is there no commenting?
Because unkind words, trolls, bots, and unsolicited
opinions are absolutely not invited to the AMC party.

Why are there no profiles? 
Our subscribers aren’t here to vie for followers. We’re a community committed to helping all people feel good in what they’re wearing, and to find a fit they look absolutely amazing in. Anonymity also keeps our queens of all ages — including minors — safe.

Terms and Conditions: https://www.adjust-my-crown.com/terms-and-conditions
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Adjust My Crown Outfit Maker 1.5 Feb 21, 2024
Feb 21, 2024 Version History
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~Ornamentum, LLC
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