Live Location and Buddy Tracker
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Live Location and Buddy Tracker
Live Location and Buddy Tracker

Live Location and Buddy Tracker

Location tracker and navigation

Developer: Ashraf Masood
App Size: 76 MB
Release Date: Jul 27, 2023
Price: FREE
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Are you disturbed for not being able to communicate to your friends & family while travelling? Or finding difficulty to keep track of their location? Buddy Tracker is a live location tracking app that not only displays your GPS location and route on gmaps but also track the location of your trip companions. You can also communicate with them via text messaging with the in-built SMS tool. The GPS tracking app also includes an info sheet which provides information about your trace route map, location, distance covered, speed, weather, altitude & elevation. Practically it provides you real time metering facility with accurate speedometer, GPS Info, directional compass & other aspects during the travel through multiple driving modes. With the help of offline profiling feature, you can statistically analyze all the physical and geographic parameters after your trip. Moreover, you can pin places like your school, office or home on the map and save various route directions on map for offline path information any time anywhere.
The core feature of Geo Tracker app is that you can get the live location of your vacation’s trip friends & family on the same map. Now there is no need to wait for your trip colleagues to match your travelling pace. You can track them all time on your mobile phone. Moreover, with the built-in SMS text messaging tool you can group chat with everyone while travelling. Additionally the GPS Navigation app provides you the feature of complete info about the route statistics of your destination, real time map location, address of a particular point and offline GPS coordinates of your journey. You can also share all this info in chat with one click.
The second fundamental feature of our location tracking & profiling app is its real time and offline profiling statistical information desk. The user can analyze its live travelling statistics with a single click. The app uses specialized artificial intelligent algorithms to calculate different physical, geographical and travelling information which include live longitude & latitude, altitude or elevation above sea level, weather and climatic conditions throughout the route, live speed using an AI speedometer, direction & course of a location using the magnetic compass with navigational support. You can select the speedometer type to be analog or digital upon the user preference. You can also select the map view type to visualize the earth map and google maps in normal map, satellite map & terrain map format. You can even check your route information before starting your journey and record the live stats while walking, cycling, driving, boating or flying. A special location aware compass and altitude profiles feature is provided for pre-travel planning.
Another unique feature of our Map & Navigation App is that you can pin your frequently used locations on the map even if they do not exists on google maps. This is very useful utility as now you can pin & save the precise location of school, college, office, hospital and relative’s home location in “My Places”. Not only this, you can now save the directions from a pinned location to the destination on map and can view them in one click offline whenever you want. Now there is no need to search map directions every time to your school or relatives home. What an easy to use app!

Salient Feature
• Live location tacking of user & group members on the same map during a trip
• Built-in SMS tool for group chatting during a journey
• Real time physical & geographical information desk includes GPS location, altitude & weather conditions
• Real-time travelling information chart includes route map, distance covered, breaks, speed & direction with navigational support
• Records travel information for post travel profiling and statistical analysis
• Support multi languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese & French

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Live Location and Buddy Tracker 2 Sep 28, 2023
Sep 28, 2023 Version History
Bugs fixed for improved user experience!

~Ashraf Masood
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Price: FREE
Version: 2
Compatibility: Requires iOS 12 Or Later
Bundel Id: com.khastech.buddytracker
Size: 76 MB
Genre: Navigation
Release Date: Jul 27, 2023
Last Update: Sep 28, 2023
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Ashraf Masood
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