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Health Conscious

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Release Date: 2017-08-09
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People who follow a healthy lifestyle lead a charmed life. Their work is finished before deadlines. They always have enough energy to attend seminars and workshops. They work late whenever needed. They always look great, are full of energy, and happy.They don't easily come into the flu when it hits others.They have time and energy to enjoy with friends and family.

On the other hand those who don't have a healthy lifestyle miss work , always complain about health problems, they are stressed, they work hard on projects but never make-the-grade. These people rarely smile.

Studies have proven that less activity,bad posture,poor stress management skills, feelings of helplessness, poor eating habits, and poor social skills can actually reduce your years of life.

To help you out with this very problem Enaayah Software Development and Services has developed an app called Health Conscious.
Where you can select from 100 most common BAD LIFESTYLE HABITS and the app selects from 100 consequences to face for doing that.
You can add actions,consequences add multiple users,track your actions and chat with other users.
HEALTH CONSCIOUS APP is simple and effecting way to take control of your lifestyle.
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Price: Free
Version: 1.1
Compatibility: 9.3 Or Later
Bundel Id: com.Enaayah.HealthConscious
Size: 38.68 MB
Release Date: 2017-08-09
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: ENAAYAH Software Development and Services Private Limited
Language: EN -
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