Brew Timer - Coffee Recipes
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Brew Timer - Coffee Recipes
Brew Timer - Coffee Recipes

Brew Timer - Coffee Recipes

Your Coffee Companion

Developer: Stephen Panaro
App Size: 25.9 MB
Release Date: Feb 11, 2016
Price: $2.99
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25.9 MB
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Can brewing coffee at home be both easy and delicious? Yes!

Brew Timer helps you produce a consistently great cup of coffee by guiding you step-by-step through the brewing process. Start with one of the included brew recipes or add your own and tune it to perfection. Brew Timer works with you, no matter what you use to brew.

Water mass, grind setting, total brew time — there's a lot to keep track of when dialing in your brews. That's why Brew Timer is packed with powerful features like grinder-specific settings, smart water adjustments, and an automatic brew journal. When you find your perfect cup, Brew Timer will help you repeat it.

Brew a delicious cup of coffee every time with Brew Timer!

— 28 Included Recipes —
Aeropress (×5)
Hario V60 (×4)
Chemex (×3)
Kalita Wave 155 (×2)
Kalita Wave 185 (×2)
Espresso (×2)
Hario Switch (×2)
Stagg [X] (×2)
Stagg [XF] (×1)
Clever Dripper (×1)
French Press (×2)
Siphon (×1)
Tricolate (×1)
Add your own! (×∞)

— 36 Included Grinders —
Orphan Espresso
Add your own!

— Coffee Tracking —
Brew Timer comes with detailed coffee tracking built in. You can track everything from the simple "Name" and "Roaster", to the more fine-grained details like "Varietal" and "Harvest Date". To save you from typing it all out, on iOS 15 and later Brew Timer supports scanning coffee bags to automatically extract these coffee details for you.

— Brew Journal —
Every time you complete a brew, Brew Timer creates a new entry in your personal Brew Journal. Grind, coffee and water amounts are all tracked automatically. Record your own notes to capture thoughts on technique and taste for next time.

— Brew Dashboard —
After each brew, Brew Timer compiles a one-stop dashboard to make it easy to add tasting notes, reference coffee details, and tweak your recipe for next time.

Brew Timer supports metric (mL/g) and imperial (fl. oz/oz) and will convert recipes to Aeropress-specific units for you.
Brew Timer works without a scale, but it is recommended.

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Thanks Matt Luedke for the app preview music!
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Brew Timer - Coffee Recipes v1.19.1 Dec 8, 2022
Dec 8, 2022 Version History
• Adds a new URL scheme, brewtimer:// that allows you to launch the app.• This year's Year in Coffee is now available. Check it out in Settings!Happy brewing!StephenMissed v1.19? Read on.Background brewing. AeroPress plunge guides. +14 more changes!Background Brewing———————————This one’s for the multi-taskers. Want to send a quick message while your French press steeps? Snap a photo of that beautiful bloom? Brew Timer is now fully background-aware, so go right ahead!And don’t worry about missing anything while you’re multi-tasking. Brew Timer will notify you shortly ahead of time so you can get ready for the next pour, bloom or press. Head to Settings › Background Alerts to turn it on.AeroPress Plunge Guide—————————————A perfectly timed AeroPress plunge. Just the right speed. Even pressure throughout. So satisfying.Is such a thing possible? I think so, and Brew Timer’s here to make it easier to achieve. Now in any recipe with a timed “Plunge” or “Press” step, the app will show you where your water level should be to ensure you finish on-time. Just follow along for a satisfyingly consistent press every time.Brew Timer will detect whether you have a classic AeroPress or a Go. Brewing tiny recipes in your classic? It’s just one tap to switch.Tiny Things——————• Added an option to always use Light or Dark mode instead of following the system setting. (iOS 13+)• Added a new French Press recipe from Barista Hustle.• Added Scott Rao’s recipe for the Tricolate brewer.• Added the grinder name to each journal entry, for those of you with multiple grinders.• Made it easier to add new steps when creating a new recipe. There’s now a … button in the bottom right so you can add a next step with a few less taps and scrolls. (iOS 14+)• Added a new (exciting!) project to Labs. Check it out in Settings › Brew Timer Labs.• Improved the detection of drawdown steps for total brew time. Please check that this doesn’t change your total brew times unexpectedly (tap the time at the top left of the step list and scroll to “View Steps”). Let me know if it does!• Updated the Year in Review cards so you can click “See All” even when you have less than 4 roasters or varietals in a single year. Helpful to see how many coffees you had from each.• Switch grinders a lot? The grinder list now shows grinders you’ve used recently at the top to make it easier.• Brew with multiple grinders? You can now see how many times you’ve used each grinder in Settings › Grinders.• Added a new option when you launch the app for the first time to get a reminder the next time you are planning to brew some coffee.• Fixed a bug that prevented duplicating a coffee immediately after it was created.• Fixed a bug where the Pour Compass wouldn’t display for the first step of a recipe.• Fixed a bug where cooling reminders would not be shown in some rare edge cases, like if you had Brew Timer and Control center open at the same time.Thanks for using Brew Timer!I love to chat about the app (and coffee!) — shoot me an email at [email protected]. (Or Twitter @BrewTimerApp + Instagram @brewtimerapp)Happy brewing!Stephen

~Stephen Panaro
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