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Paribus Calculator

Developer: Adam Solesby
App Size: 3.5 MB
Release Date: Dec 18, 2013
Price: FREE
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3.5 MB
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Paribus - Calculator Beyond Equal

An innovative cross between a handheld calculator and a spreadsheet—all the power you need right in your pocket.

What is Paribus?
• streamlined pocket spreadsheet
• make and share "back of the napkin" calculations
• elegant keypad for quick and accurate entry
• dial values up or down for goal seeking
• compare alternate versions of a calculation
• optimized for business and everyday math (not scientific calculations)

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You've been there. Running the numbers on the next business decision, when the math gets too complicated to do in your head, there are too many variables to track, or you want to compare results from several assumptions. Handheld calculators are cumbersome, and spreadsheets need your laptop you left in the office.

For that quick conversation or hallway meeting, Paribus lets you type like you talk and get back instant results.

"25.2M – 30%" instantly produces "15.8M"

Run down various scenarios with multiple cells. Break up the assumptions so you can quickly change a value and see the result.

Goal Seek: Paribus has an innovative value dial that lets you spin up/down the values so you can see the effect on your results.

You can easily switch to alternate versions to see changes without loosing previous results. Switch to spreadsheet mode to see everything at once. Goal seek in spreadsheet mode.

Beautifully formatted emails let you share the results with anyone (to view in email or open in Paribus).

• instant results as you type or edit
• "type like you talk" keyboard interactions
• quick keys for "thousand", "million" and currency
• easy to read rounded results (full precision available)
• natural entry percentages
• quick tally mode
• spreadsheet: build equations by referencing other cells
• easily compare alternate versions of the same sheet
• goal seek: value dial wheel
• individual cell labeling
• automatic save & named documents
• easy share via AirDrop, Messages and email
• built-in templates library
• complete math function library
• print support
• support native currency and number formatting

Language support: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese

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Paribus Calculator 2022.01 Update
Dec 18, 2013 Version History
Financial mode and currency conversionsBitcoin and SATS calculationsImproved layout for iPad and MacImproved tally mode now always available

~Adam Solesby
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Price: FREE
Version: 2022.01
Compatibility: Requires Requires iOS 13 or later
Bundle Id:
Size: 3.5 MB
Genre: Business
Release Date: Dec 18, 2013
Last Update: Dec 18, 2013
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Adam Solesby
Language: English - French - German - Japanese - Persian - Simplified Chinese - Spanish - Traditional Chinese -
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