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Funny Web Browser

Developer: Ping Yan
App Size: 10.04 MB
Release Date: 2022-12-14
Price: $0.99
10.04 MB
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I know, there's already much web browser that you can choose from, but why choose "Funny Web Browser"?

If you had tried it, you will find it is totally a new web browser, or even it is not a web browser?

The core conception of "Funny Web Browser" is that any website or any urls can be a native like app, and you should have some ways to customize your preference on each of them while not customize your preference on the whole web browser app like much does.

All in all, we think any other web browser has one flaw function or lack of some functions, so we develop this app.

For safari, it is a very good browser that let you make shortcuts on screen, but it is just a quick link, you have very limited operations on that shortcut, finally you open the safari, then all things come on as before you did.

But If you use this "Funny Web Browser", something changed when you open the shortcuts.

You will find that you can customize something for each website or url link.

1.Full Screen Mode
You can turn on this mode when you find a funny H5 game, so that you can play the game full screen, as if you installed a native game app. The full screen mode will be quite useful when play h5 game, but the ads?

2.Block Ads Mode
You must have been tired of the ads, especially when you play games. You can then try to open this mode, even if we tried hard to block the ads, you may still get ads from websites, we just try to help you block ads, we do not promise. If you find that after open this mode, you can not browser website or play game, you should turn off this mode as the websites does some javascript layer work to prevent us blocking ads.

3.Private Mode
Aha, this is just a normal duplicate work like chrome or safari does, if you do not want to keep your cookies or records, you can open this mode. Note, open this mode does not delete your previous records of that website, and you can still favorite the urls of that website.

4.Mirror App
This maybe quite useful when you find a funny url link from a search engine website app, you can directly mirror a new app from that funny urls, it is quite simple to have a new web like app, maybe a new h5 game link?

5.Continue Mode
If you are reading, open this mode, it will help you record your reading history automatically, next time you open the web like app, it will auto open the last url you had read before, and you can continue the reading from that url.

And we make a video web urls app, and a music links app, there're many videos on some urls, but it does not record the episode in most cases, we maybe forget which episode we had watched if we need to watch video from that url, so the video urls app will be very useful when you need to record the episodes.

For musics, it is obvious, some music has only a video link, a mv link, so we may add the link to panel, and for a quick play next time we want to listen it again.

Even if our target is that let you customize any website as a native like app in our app, that's also why we says "Each Website is App". There's still many limitation we can not break for some policy guidelines.

You may have found that no matter where you add the urls, the final result is that you browser it in WebView.

Yes, this cute app is just offer a quite new way for you better manage or browser http or https links.

Even music or video icon apps in this app, they are also just url links manage, you can add a totally not video or music urls into it, and open the urls in WebView is ok too.

We make the video and music icon just let you could better categorize the url links, maybe a website is not need to be an app like, so you can put the urls here.

There's maybe some bugs on some devices as we only use WKWebView while not deeply in webkit, if you find some bugs or expect some new features, kindly let us know it.

You can contact us with email:
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Funny Web Browser 8.0.1 Update
2023-03-09 Version History
Changes on mirror a new url, removed the default website icon, so the new mirror app will have its own icon. Fixes the bugs when mirror app, the url is a wrong url, now the url will be exactly what you have seen. Other UI optimizations.

~Ping Yan
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Price: $0.99
Version: 8.0.1
Compatibility: Requires 14.0 or later
Bundle Id: com.soulyin.funnyweb
Size: 10.04 MB
Genre: Utilities
Release Date: 2022-12-14
Last Update: 2023-03-09
Content Rating: 17+
Developer: Ping Yan
Language: EN - ZH -
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