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15 minutes of warm up and your voice is ready to go! Relaxed and easy vocal exercises based on swinging rhythms by Sörin Bergmann, an award-winning choir director, in the category of „Best Choir Leadership“, recognised in 2018 by the German Music Council. A graduate from the University of Music in Weimar, with 25 years of professional experience conducting choirs and leading ensembles.

Starting with relaxation the journey leads via breathing techniques and vowel equalisation to groovy exercises with harmony and vocal highs and lows.

The exercises let us come down. The body and vocal chords will be prepared for the singing. The exercises show what you can do with the voice, train the polyphonic singing, the vowel equalisation, release and examine the limits for high and low register.

The Swing felling will be trained and there are openings for improvisation.

Soerin’s vocal master class are specifically arranged for gospel and pop choirs, a capella ensembles, solo singers, choir singers, and choir directors. Groove, head and chest voice, laid back singing, choir sound blending as well as abdominal breathing, breath support and latin style are covered by this vocal training.

This choral voice training is well suited for the start of every choir practice. The instrumental playbacks help the choir director or singers to stay in timing and beat.

From the novice choir „Chor & More“ via the pop choir „Monday Monday“ up to the gospel choir „Gospolitans“, which won the 3rd prize at the german choir challenge in 2018 in the section „popular choir music with Trio“, this voice training got refined and exercised and is well approved by the choir practices and workshops.

10 warm up tips for breathing, sound color, high and low register, abdominal respiration, head and chest voice, groove, rhythm and beat give new momentum to vocal warm ups in choirs.

There is also professional sheet music material with complete piano accompaniment available.

Using the vocal instructions your choir may start the professional voice warm up even if your are still stuck in a traffic jam. The singing instructions for choir, professional singers and ensembles are well reconciled by construction and you will notice that your voice is well prepared after 15 minutes of practice.

The abdominal breathing is most important for the start of every practice and should be included in each exercise program with intensity and comprehensive guidance.

Nevertheless the choir director has to repeat the hints for the breath support of the singers again and again. To reach the extrem high and low registers voice exercises have to be performed and controlled by the choir director to avoid lockups of the singers.

To view a video or sheet music the first time an internet connection is required. The download of the material may take a while depending on the quality of the internet connection. After the first download all videos and sheet music are also playable offline with no internet connection in place.
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Price: FREE
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires macOS 10 or later
Bundle Id: de.fpposchmann.VocalWarmUp2
Size: 1,9 MB
Genre: Education
Release Date: 10 de dez. de 2020
Last Update: 10 de dez. de 2020
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: Frank-Peter Poschmann
Language: Alemão - Chinês simplificado - Inglês -
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