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Smarter Thinking

Developer: 3Dme Pty Ltd
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Release Date: 2012-01-31
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Our brain is the control centre of our body and it has a strong influence over our heart, liver and kidneys. This means that if we think something in our brain, it will influence how we feel in our body. This App takes a look at our thoughts to help us understand how thinking the same thoughts over and over again can become habitual thinking patterns. These habitual thinking patterns influence our behaviours which can work for us or against us in everyday life.

This App is suitable for children through to adults.

Randall Clinch initially used Smarter Thinking training (formerly known as Attitude by Choice) when he was invited to work with young school children who were difficult for teachers to manage. He discovered that the habitual thinking patterns and associated behaviours students had in their school years, were typically transferred to the workplace when they became adults. Smarter thinking is when we use our thoughts to focus our thinking. Smarter thinking is about organising our thoughts so they work for us, not against us. It has been a very successful program to assist the long-term unemployed to return to work. Using high definition 3D visualisation and multimedia this App takes a look inside the human body to explain Smarter Thinking. There is a 4 minute 3D visualisation video plus a series of questions and answers to help you understand the topic. There is also a Tweet button so you can Tweet your results to friends.

About Randall Clinch
Randall was born in Broken Hill, outback Australia. His father was a miner and his mother was a housewife. Randall attended school until the age of 14 then went on to work as a Labourer in the building industry, and eventually became a Bricklayer. He worked to the age of 32, then became unable to use his legs due to the type of work he was doing. It is significant to note here that Randall was illiterate until the age of 32. After 1 year of rehabilitation to regain the mobility in his legs, Randall re-entered the workforce as a salesman, then manager for a building company. At the peak of this time his eldest son Ted was diagnosed with cancer. He died 7 months later.

With the passing of Ted, Randall's whole life changed. He learnt that he could not control the events of time, however he could control his attitude about these events. When his son Ted was very ill, Randall also noticed that Ted's attitude made a significant difference to the people around him. Since then Randall has educated himself to read and write, and has been engaged by Monash University as a part-time lecturer to assist the trainee student teachers. Monash University's Associate Professor Tony Townsend has conducted and published research about Randall's teachings. This research can be found at Randall Clinch has conducted programs in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

Randall was featured on Australian Story in 2000 and his story can be seen at Additional information about Randall Clinch can be found on his website Faith International is a non-religious website.

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Smarter Thinking 2.0.2 Update
2019-10-12 Version History
+ Updated for new IOS versions. + Added iPhone X support. + Quiz now shows correct answer at the end of each question. + Whole new look.

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Price: Free
Version: 2.0.2
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Size: 134.79 MB
Release Date: 2012-01-31
Last Update: 2019-10-12
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Developer: 3Dme Pty Ltd
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