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App Size: 40.13 MB
Release Date: 2021-08-18
Price: Free
40.13 MB
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Competition? Not for your fashion style!

You’ve got MAJOR style.

You’ve got pizazz.

You’re a fashion icon - well, maybe not yet, but soon and with the help of FashYard.

FashYard is your connection to an unlimited world of fashion, fun and style, unlike anything you’ve ever seen about it.

You know what they say - if you’ve got it, flaunt it! And you definitely have got it. Competition doesn’t even exist!

So now it’s time to download FashYard and flaunt it!

Upload your clothes, style, fashion, accessories and more and get instant feedback on your unique looks.

FashYard gives you the opportunity to be an inspiration to the millions and millions of style lovers around the world.

Think about FashYard like a global arena for fashion. Everyone gets a chance to be on stage, and gets to hear what people love about them. No more sitting in your room thinking, “I wish people could see how awesome I am!” We know you’re awesome - so let the world see!

With FashYard, you’ll get exposure to a community of people who are truly inspired to lead locally and worldwide with the latest fashions, classic finds and even a curated collection of unique all their own. No competition here - just community.

Forget about scrolling through endless photos on social media hoping to find something that looks amazing. Oh, and old school fashion catalogs? Doubt it. They only exist to get you to buy something that ends up looking nothing like you expected.

FashYard is real people with real style. Your closet can go viral, and that’s a very, very cool thing.

Whether you dress male or female, it doesn’t matter - the only thing that matters is that you are absolutely obsessed with the coolest clothes and the best styles. FashYard is your place for the unexpectedly amazing.

Here’s how FashYard works:

● Upload your finds, outfits and accessories
● Get instant feedback about what people love
● Curate the best feedback to help you be even more amazing
● Browse thousands of other FashYarders to give feedback and see what inspires you

The direct interaction with the FashYard community takes social media to a whole new level - frankly it takes it straight out of this world and makes it incredible.

You’ve always wanted to be a fashion icon - FashYard is the start.

Be the most amazing version of you, with FashYard.

Whenever you need a cool new look - think FashYard.

Need a new color palette or funky fresh find? Think FashYard.

FashYard is guaranteed to change the way you look at style - and make you feel amazing with the support and advice from other people just like you - the ones on the journey to look awesome.
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More Information about: FashYard
Price: Free
Version: 1.0.0
Compatibility: Requires 12.1 or later
Bundle Id: com.fashyard.app
Size: 40.13 MB
Release Date: 2021-08-18
Last Update: 2021-08-18
Content Rating: 4+
Language: EN -
All Apps & Games Created by: JASSIM AL MAAWDA
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