Tashas Vibe Mood Tracker
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Tashas Vibe Mood Tracker
Tashas Vibe Mood Tracker

Tashas Vibe Mood Tracker

Developer: BabyMoods
App Size: 3.74 MB
Release Date: 2020-06-09
Price: Free
3.74 MB
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This is a simple but powerful application. Think of it as just a note to yourself that you can enter any time of the day to constantly see how you mood and other stresses might affect you over the course of a day and over longer periods like weeks or months.

Lots more improvements are coming to this application quickly but right now it does what it says. It "Tracks your Vibe" so you can get a handle on how you are feeling and what is making you feel that way.

* Vibe Score: Enter a score from 0 to 100 that reflects how you are feeling whether it is your mood, your friends or just where you are at in life that is affecting you:

Suggested Scores

80 - 100: Feeling the best you can nothing major is wrong  there may just be some little problems in your life.

60 - 79: Life is generally good but there are some things that are preventing it from going to the next level.

40 - 59: This is the unhappy zone, more than one thing is not going right. You need some help or inspiration to get out of this zone.

0 - 39: Life is looking bleak, you are injured or emotionally suffering. It is ok if you dip into this zone from time to time but if you are there for a long time then you need help from someone you love and trust.

* Vibe Notes : Add a quick note about what you are doing or how you are feeling right now. Add some emojis to make it more colourful or memorable. Here are some examples:
- watched the sunrise
- yoga on the beach
- feeling on top of the world
- Netflix binge with my friends
- salad for dinner
- had healthy snacks
- chocolate and donut binge :-(
- feeling energised! good workout
- felt stressed about my exams
- had a fight with my parents
- Keto breakfast this morning
- 55.2 kg this morning

* Daily Vibe Graph: You can see how your vibe changed over the day, maybe you can discover that you are a morning person after all.

* Vibe Trend Graph: You can see how your vibe is trending over time, that bad patch you had a couple of months ago and how exercise and sleep really make a difference to your vibe.

* Vibe History: You can see all the vibe notes you have entered.

* High, Low and Average Vibe: You can see what you high, low and average score is each day.

We hope you love Tasha's Vibe. If you do then be sure to give us a rating in the App Store and tell your friends.
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Price: Free
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: Requires 12.2 or later
Bundle Id: com.reality3.Vitality-Habits
Size: 3.74 MB
Release Date: 2020-06-09
Last Update: 2020-06-09
Content Rating: 4+
Developer: BabyMoods
Language: EN -
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