US Congress Watch
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US Congress Watch
US Congress Watch

US Congress Watch

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Stay in touch with Congress like never before! View the latest and top bills, easily search for bills, view detailed information about congress members, view millions of lobbyist records, and quickly contact and view your local Representatives and Senators!

View a bill's summary, the person who sponsored the bill, the state of the bill, even every action taken on the bill from introduction to finalization into law! You can also look up congress members and presidents since 1775, and view detailed biographies, charts, voting records, finance information, even view their twitter and youtube pages!

Stay in Touch with US Congress!
- View the top ten bills for the current week, the latest bills in the House of Representatives, the latest bills in the Senate, and bills that have passed both the House and Senate and gone to the President for approval
- View a bill's sponsor, a summary of the bill, the state of the bill (vetoed, passed, etc), and all actions taken on that bill from introduction to finalization
- Search for congress members and presidents since 1775
- View congress members and presidents biographies, voting records, campaign/finance information, Twitter, Youtube, and Metavid pages
- Quickly locate and contact your local Representatives and Senators

Lobbyist Disclosure!
- View millions of lobbyist records and easily search contributions
- View Lobbyist name, which Corporation they work for, which Congress member(s) they contributed to, and how much they paid
- Double-click a contribution to perform a search for that company or lobbyist to see what issues that company or lobbyist is lobbying for
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