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BMPRO Connect
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BMPRO Connect
BMPRO Connect

BMPRO Connect

المطور: BM PRO
حجم التطبيق: 52٫7 م.ب.
تاريخ الإصدار: 4 يوليو 2023
السعر: FREE
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52٫7 م.ب.
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BMPRO Connect powered by BMPRO is an RV control and monitoring system for easy management of RV features via an app on your own device. It is specifically designed to work with the North American RVs – check your RV specifications to ensure your vehicle is compatible with this app.

BMPRO Connect powered by BMPRO brings all the important controls and monitoring functions of the RV to a mobile device via Bluetooth and via cloud.

Control and monitor an RV with confidence and ease from the palm of your hand and enjoy the following features*:

• Monitor - water tanks, temperatures, propane levels, battery voltages and more

• Control - lighting, slide-outs, awnings, HVAC, generators and more

• Interact with RV via user-friendly, easy to understand app on your own device

• Multiple communication protocols, including Bluetooth and RV-C bus.

BMPRO Connect powered by BMPRO on board your RV is flexible and scalable – it is easy to add features and sensors to expand your system through the addition of SmartConnect Bluetooth sensors. Available through RV Dealerships, SmartConnect sensors enable you to monitor propane levels and internal temperatures. The SmartConnect sensors are a DIY installation.

BMPRO Connect powered by BMPRO system is designed and manufactured by BMPRO, a company with years of experience in the RV industry. BMPRO is one of the pioneers of using digital platforms in RVs with one of the world’s largest install bases of smart power management systems.

*App capabilities vary depending on your RV model.
أظهر المزيد
BMPRO Connect 1.1.0 1 نوفمبر 2023
1 نوفمبر 2023 تاريخ الإصدارات
* Fixing an issue related to furnace operation* Enhanced system stability by addressing potential reset occurrences

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السعر: FREE
الإصدار: 1.1.0
التوافق: ‫يتطلب iOS 11 أو أحدث
رقم الحزمة:
الحجم: 52٫7 م.ب.
النوع: Utilities
تاريخ الإصدار: 4 يوليو 2023
آخر تحديث: 1 نوفمبر 2023
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المطور: BM PRO
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