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iRidwan application is an inspiring educational system, that provides Al Ridwan Schools’ students with systematic electronic lessons containing games, exercises, short stories, videos, songs etc., which the student reviews and interact with in the form and sequence determined by the teacher.
Designed in accordance with the common core state standards, these courses are classified by classes and course materials for easy access at school or home, they also combine education and play in an attractive way that motivates students to participate and interact.
iRidwan is a source of learning in both class and home, so that the student can review lessons, solve homework and quizzes sent by the teacher at any time and place. It also provides a smart environment that enables the parent to continuously follow the student's performance, and review his grades in details through reports showing the evolution of his performance, its marks in each lesson and course.
In addition to, iRidwan provides an easy, positive, continuous and unconventional way to communicate between all parties in the educational process, through messages and notifications!
Kindly check with Al Ridwan Schools, to get your account information!

• Easy to use,
• Predesigned lessons,
• Predesigned homework and quizzes,
• Reports to track the student's performance in class, subject and lesson,
• Diverse and increased educational content:
1. E-stories in Arabic, English and French,
2. Educational games,
3. Interactive exercises,
4. Printable worksheets,
5. Quizzes,
6. Educational applications,
7. Educational videos,
8. Sounds,
9. And more.
• School schedule,
• Messages and notifications,
• Educational books in the app,
• Badges and awards,
• Includes all subjects,
• Includes all levels,
• Suitable for students’ use in class and at home,
• Content is following the common core state standards.
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iRidwan 2.06 2020-03-08
1- fix bugs

~Dar Al-Manhal Publishers
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