Funk Drummer
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Funk Drummer
Funk Drummer

Funk Drummer

المطور: Lumbeat
حجم التطبيق: 320٫2 م.ب.
تاريخ الإصدار: 1 ديسمبر 2015
السعر: 79٫99 ر.س.‏
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320٫2 م.ب.
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Funk Drummer is the grooviest drum machine with the ability to improvise like a proper human drummer. Now with even more possibilities with the new 2d control for Jam / Intensity parameters.

The new Live Pads lets to play live sessions on the way with 8 assignable pads and buttons for fills, intro, end with midi controls. And now, you can synchronize with any app easily with Ableton Link.

New Audio - Midi Export feature. Get Multi-Track or Full Mix in seconds. (from iOS 12 )

- The best jamming tool improvise like a human drummer. Set the improvisation level with a simple slider. From 0 (totally stable rhythms) to 100 (creative drummer took too much coffee)
- More than 150 funk grooves divided into banks: Fusion, Odd Times, Disco Funk, Ternary rhythms and more.
- 35(+6) multilayer sounds with 3 different hits (ghost note, accented note and special) x 3 RoundRobin alternating samples.
- Round Robin alternating samples, combining 3 layer samples of each stroke makes a extremely natural sound.
- 4 Effects to combine, including Compressor/Gate, Equalizer, Delay and Reverb.
- Several Random generators to get creative ideas instantly.
- Song Mode. Extra fast tool to create rhythmic structures for your song in seconds.
- Ableton Link Sync
- Inter-App Audio
- Midi Out


Assignable Controls MIDI Mapping

Default Controls :

Play : G2
LivePads : C1 - G2
Fill + Play/Stop : A2

Fill : C2
Fill + Toggle Hats/Ride D2
Toggle Hats/Ride Db2

Fill with LivePad Change E2
Load Live Pad C3
Preview LivePad Db3

Next Live Pad D3
Select Live Pad Set Eb3
Tap Tempo Bb2

Crash Cymbal B2
Next Song Ab2
Previous Song Gb2

Jam CC 1
Intensity CC 2
Master Volume CC 7

Swing CC 11
Reverb Level CC 91
Bank CC 32

Rhythm CC 0
Soundset PC
أظهر المزيد
Funk Drummer 4.18 30 يونيو 2021
30 يونيو 2021 تاريخ الإصدارات
- Added Toggle Cross / Snare to Midi Controls- Small Improvements- Fixed bugs

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السعر: 79٫99 ر.س.‏
الإصدار: 4.18
التوافق: ‫يتطلب iOS 12 أو أحدث
رقم الحزمة: com.lumbeat.FunkDrummer
الحجم: 320٫2 م.ب.
النوع: Music
تاريخ الإصدار: 1 ديسمبر 2015
آخر تحديث: 30 يونيو 2021
تقييم المحتوى: ‪4+‬
المطور: Lumbeat
اللغة: الإنجليزية -
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