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Welcome to WellMind for mental hygiene. Ready to neurocharge your brain?

App Size: 15M
Release Date: Mar 11, 2021
Price: Free
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Welcome to the WellMind app

WellMind is an intuitive and innovative digital platform for your mental wellness. There is video and audio content available to be explored across numerous categories so that you are able to engage with any category you so choose.

In the global mindful revolution we awaken to the fact that we can look after our brains as much as we look after our teeth. In that light; WellMind offers a mental floss for mental hygiene. The various practices - all provided here - grow your brain in all the right places making it a complete mental fitness programme.

The app offers the option of a quick mental fix, or longer calming sessions for highly stressed users. Visitors may also seek optimal mental wellbeing and navigate the app to maintain cool, calm and beautiful connectedness. These practices offered lead to a decrease in stress levels and the ability to focus and concentrate.

WellMind offers a moment - a moment away from all the busyness. A calm mind awakens to innovation and as powers of self-awareness and introspection grow so does the ability to manage ourselves well and others - the cornerstones of EQ!

What makes Wellmind a unique application is that we have partnered with WorkWell Research Unit to offer an upfront survey deeply rooted in science. It is extremely useful for an individual to understand their own level of work-related wellbeing. As such we have developed eight archetypes that take into consideration how an individual is experiencing the workplace and the impact this having on them personally. Each archetype has a unique experience of the workplace and therefore will have a unique journey designed to support future wellbeing levels. Users of WellMind can explore which archetype they are by taking the survey and start their unique mental health journey.

A remarkable and trained team of content developers and Mindfulness innovators have collaborated to take you on a journey - engage with their beneficial & experiential practices.
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Price: Free
Version: 1.4.5
Size: 15M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Runninghill Software Development
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