Ice5 i5 - Learn 5 words every day English 2020
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Ice5 i5 - Learn 5 words every day English 2020
Ice5 i5 - Learn 5 words every day English 2020

Ice5 i5 - Learn 5 words every day English 2020

अंग्रेजी कौशल में सुधार के लिए आइस 5 के साथ अंग्रेजी शब्दावली सीखें। अब मुफ्त में उपयोग करें।

App Size: 4.0M
Release Date: 8 अग॰ 2017
Price: Free
1,703 Ratings
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Ice5 - Learn 5 words every day
- Ice5 is a new method of learning English vocabulary app for starter.
- Ice5 is a very interesting and easy app to use.

✔ How to learn English? What we've got in this app?

- This English app use Leitner system as the key method with the technique of repeating vocabulary, which make learning has never been more effective than ever!
- Vocabularies are divided into daily life subjects to learn. Your mission is just complete learning all 5 new English words everyday.
- After enduring period time of using Ice5, you will see how surprised you are about your vocabulary, it will be increased so impressively in the most effective and easiest way that you can use them regularly in your life!
» In the end, all you have to do is just open this app and learn EVERY DAY!

✔ What would you receive?

- Approximately 4000 words and phrases are carefully collecting from Oxford Dictionary with a standard native English speaker’s voices! Besides that, all the words are translated into many other languages. You can select one to learn!
- Various vocabulary with 55 subjects from beginner to advanced! Ice5 helps you to track your progress every moment!

✔ Is Ice5 fun?
- Learning through play with some fun games. Especially, Ice5 can help you to improve speaking skills like a native English speaker.
- The words are repeated smartly basing on Leitner study method making vocabulary never be boring anymore. It also helps u to improve reading skills
- Ice5 is suitable for your needs and hobbies to learn through choosing your favorite subjects! (yeah! it's fun)
- Hot! Hot! hot 8 days learning English with Ice5 and you will get an amazing result.

Ice 5 - English vocabulary beginer. Wish ucan master your english with Ice5!
✔ Contact
Zalo: 0377306875
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Price: Free
Version: 3.4.0
Size: 4.0M
Content Rating: 3+ के लिए रेट किया गया
Developer: Chat to learn english
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