Mergetris - 2048 Dropping Block Puzzle
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Mergetris - 2048 Dropping Block Puzzle
Mergetris - 2048 Dropping Block Puzzle

Mergetris - 2048 Dropping Block Puzzle

Drop and merge numbered blocks together. Reach 2048 tile and beyond

Developer: MAGAMED
App Size: 12M
Release Date: Aug 27, 2020
Price: Free
10 Ratings
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Mergetris is an addictive merging puzzle game where you are dropping numbered blocks on each other. Everytime two or more blocks with the same number touches they merge into a larger tile. Can you reach number 2048 before you overfill the board?

Mergetris combines all the fun of number games, math games, logic puzzle games and brain teasers into a single free to play game. Since the dropping tiles are constantly moving you are under time preassure to do the right decision. This will train your brain to do faster decisions.

How to play:
- Click on a column where you would like to put the dropping tile
- After dropping the tile a new random dropping tile appears
- When two tiles with the same number touches they merge into one (2+2=4, 4+4=8, 8+8=16, ...)
- When 2048 block is created you have reached your goal, however you can continue playing and reach higher blocks 4096, 8192, 16384, ...
- You can also merge three or four tiles at the same time and do chained combo merges to gain higher score
- When you fill any column on the playing board you lose

- Standard 5x5 playing board
- Smooth animations with simple UI
- Boosters that will help you when things get too tough

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Price: Free
Version: 1.4
Size: 12M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: MAGAMED
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