ASIOFit Abs and Core Workouts
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ASIOFit Abs and Core Workouts
ASIOFit Abs and Core Workouts

ASIOFit Abs and Core Workouts

Whether you want to lose weight or get fit, our workout app is right for you

Developer: Top Sales, s.r.o.
App Size: 70M
Release Date: Aug 16, 2018
Price: Free
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Created by professionals with proven results. Every abs workout includes a descriptive gif preview of the movement in order to be able to perform the abs workout in the best way possible, not to hurt yourself and get the best results - just like at gym with a abs trainer.

Want to lose weight, get your abs, core and back stronger, have your daily dose of cardio or simply want to look and feel good? Whatever your goal is, we've got you covered. Getting a 6 pack abs requires dedication and hard work. But it is 100% true - abs are made in the kitchen. Even if you’re exercising 3-5 times a week, bad eating habits will make it impossible to get the abs you dream of. If you can’t lose body fat, it can be due to the fact that you’re eating too much, not eating enough or not healthy food.

Human bodies are smart and great at adaptation, the same goes for working out too, you should not be doing the same exercises and workout routine for more than 4 weeks straight. Therefore, we have not only gathered the best abdominal exercises and abs workouts routine but also created many workouts for you to get the maximum results so you can have different workout every time you open our abs workout app.

Our abs workout trainer app will also help you to achieve to have waist slimmer, lose belly fat, look sexier and be fiter than ever. Over 200 abs workouts and still counting! Many variables to adjust the difficulty to your fitness level and goals. Sit-ups, crunches, planks, etc. ...we have them all.

Belly workouts are divided by three categories - No-equipment, Equipment and Suspension workouts, so the six pack promise is real, and you can use the six pack abs app every single way, combining the core workouts together with other of our apps for free.


• Completely for free
• Designed by professional trainers
• Works offline
• Over 200 exercises in clear GIFs
• Easy to understand the technique for maximum results
• Combined with our other workout apps, you get hundreds of exercises
• Improves your exercise form
• Strengthens your muscles
• Improves your flexibility
• Relieves stress
• Improves your posture
• Helps you sleep better
• Designed for all age groups
• Designed for beginners, intermediates and pros
• Most effective exercises for your abs, core and back muscles
• Helping you to get in shape and reach your fitness goals anywhere and anytime

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Price: Free
Version: 3.0
Size: 70M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Top Sales, s.r.o.
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