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Stuff Drawer

Free your mind from a wealth of information Store it safely on your smartphone

Developer: Wizarding Studios
App Size: varies with devices
Release Date: May 21, 2017
Price: Free
varies with devices
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We use a good portion of our memory to remember so many things that can be stored safely in our smartphone!

The first phones helped us a lot by storing phone numbers(phone book) but now the old phones have become smartphones, so it's time to make a further evolutionary step: to store everything!!!

With this App it is possible to insert into a robust SQL database (private, stored only on your phone and then with no internet access) just about anything you can think of.
Want some examples? Some of us use it for the garage tools, others for fishing equipment and more for collections!
Someone, however, has decided to mix everything (absolutely everything) such as books, movies, board games, accessories, clothes, trinkets... (being able to store anything is really impossible to make a complete list).

Specifically, Stuff Drawer allows you to add anything, photograph it (with trendy square photos), provide a description, a quantity, some keywords and the current item position.

Once it has been entered into the database your stuff can be searched using an advanced and really sophisticated search engine. Through this method it is possible to bring order into chaos and always get the results you want.

You can also manage any loan of your stuff and keep track of it is going to be a breeze

Not least we find a handy function to make a graphical checklist of our stuff. Using this function along with the search engine it is possible, for example, to checklist all camping equipment before leaving for the holidays!

The in-app purchase simply allows you to Import/Export the Database.
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Price: Free
Version: 3.3.1
Size: varies with devices
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Wizarding Studios
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