Topicks Learn something useful every day
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Topicks Learn something useful every day
Topicks Learn something useful every day

Topicks Learn something useful every day

Discover new content from the topics you enjoy the most and test your skills.

Developer: VIDRO
App Size: 1.2M
Release Date: Sep 14, 2019
Price: Free
17 Ratings
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Topicks is a FREE app that helps you learn and discover something new, that's relevant for you. Your feed changes every day with fresh new content from the topics you selected. The app has a wide selection of different subjects to choose from, such as HTML (website creation), French, Math, German, Romanian and Books, just to name a few. You can test your performance through tests and challenges. Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons why you should download Topicks:

1. It's a great way to learn: Topicks can help you perform better, as it contains valueable information from many different subjects. It helps you learn something new every day related to the topic you want to study.

2. It's 100% free: The current version of Topicks doesn't require a payment to check more content out.

3. There are many new features to come: Topicks is in continuous development ever since the first release.

4. Tests: You can now test your knowledge on some of the covered subjects by taking a test. You can take a short 10 question test, or a longer one, with up to 65 questions per test. At the end, you can see your success rate.

5. Challenges: Finish different challenges related to all sorts of topics in a given period of time. Whether it's a one month long challenge or a one day long one, we hope you'll be able to apply the information you've learned.

6. Topicks Articles: Besides your feed, Topicks has articles for different topics that go even more in-depth. For example, you can learn romanian pronunciation or how to create your very one website.

7. Most changes don't require an update: You won't need to update the app every time we make a change, such as a bug fix.

8. It's designed for you: You control what you want to see, and can manage the content at any time. The simple layout of the app helps you navigate easier.

9. Topicks does not save in databases any data you enter: Everything is saved through HTML5 Storage, a technology much faster to the famous Cookies.

10. Topicks online: You can check out Topicks online, with the same features, any time, by going to .

11. Ultra lite: The app's size is around 1MB, meaning that you can enjoy the best out of Topicks without too much storage space (excluding cache or RAM).

12. No usernames: The current version of Topicks doesn't require a username. It's useless.

If you have any feedback, questions, or just want to say hi, chat with us on Instagram! ( ).

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Price: Free
Version: 4.0
Size: 1.2M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: VIDRO
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