Highway rider fast racing
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Highway rider fast racing
Highway rider fast racing

Highway rider fast racing

High speed game where the crash of cars is always a threat for the highway racer

Developer: Infoshell
App Size: 52M
Release Date: Apr 13, 2017
Price: Free
957 Ratings
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Take your sports cars, play highway games and go through the Street Challenge! Try yourself as a highway racer in these amazing race games and feel your emotions accelerate as extreme car driving takes over you!

Fast racing: Cops on your tail? Get to the checkpoint of these highway games before the time runs out and this becomes a life and death race! Become a highway rider and drive as fast as you can, collect coins and catch the slipstream of other vehicles. The closer you pass a car the higher the score you get. Also, you can get specials like TANK ACTIVATED, UFO ACTIVATED and even PLANE ACTIVATED to play crashing games and destroy them all!

Individual driving simulator: Choose your own style of ride! Be a traffic rider and drive carefully to avoid car accidents to get to each checkpoint safe and fast, like a good traffic rider should. Bored of being good? How about taking it to the extreme with a death race? Feel free to do some highway games extreme car driving. Overtake other vehicles as you turn from traffic rider to highway rider and commence your crashing games as you cut off other divers or cause others to have pile ups with an immense crash of cars to clear your way in this death race! Take it even more extreme during the race by getting TANK ACTIVATED or PLANE ACTIVATED.

Get a safe shield for on the road to protect you from crashing games and extreme car driving damage, collect the coins or even get a magnet to collect all of them for you on your way. This is the real Street Challenge and you are the talented highway rider!

**** 4 different maps for race games: Highway Chase, Chinatown, Golden Bridge, Highway Desert
**** 20 kinds of powerful sports cars: each map includes 5 sports cars to choose from.
**** each map has 4 levels of pimping your car to become a real highway racer: acceleration, max speed, resistance and turbo speed.
**** specials during the race to make the crash of cars even more incredible: BIGFOOT ACTIVATED, TANK ACTIVATED, FIRE TRUCK ACTIVATED, UFO ACTIVATED or PLANE ACTIVATED
**** daily bonuses for race games
**** another of the fantastic free race games available for android
****so much more than a driving simulator
**** amazing 3D graphics and 3D cars
**** Stay ahead of your friends and top the global leaderboards!

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Price: Free
Version: 1.1.53
Size: 52M
Release Date: Apr 13, 2017
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Infoshell
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