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Chord / Scale Finder
Chord / Scale Finder

Chord / Scale Finder

Chord / Scale Dictionary. Lists all chords, scales that consists of given notes.

Developer: ELEX
App Size: 4.6M
Release Date: Sep 1, 2013
Price: $2.49
27 Ratings
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Sherlock is a user-definable, library based (reverse) chord and scale finder. Simply touch some keys of the chord / scale you want to look up, Sherlock will find it for you.

> Search by Key
To search a chord or a scale, click some notes of a chord / scale on the piano input panel. Long-click the key to exclude some chord / scale that have the note.

> Search by Name
Also, users can look up a chord / scale by selecting a root note and a type name.

> Chord Stack
Chords can be stored on the stack. Users can try changing an octave or an inversion of a chord and can play the chord. Chord stack is useful in testing a chord progression.

> User-definable Library
64 chord types and 74 scale types are already defined in the library. Moreover, users can edit or add data if needed.

> Sound
3-octave ranged piano sounds have been recorded with a high quaity audio device.
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Price: $2.49
Version: 2.0.1
Size: 4.6M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: ELEX
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