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Zombie Defense Survive in the Zombie World

Zombie Defense Survive in the Zombie World


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An unknown virus spread quickly, almost wiped out all humans, and there were zombies everywhere, and you survived as a survivor. In this zombie apocalyptic wasteland, you rescue other survivors from the siege of the zombies and protect them, establishing the final shelter of humanity. But more and more zombies began to attack the city day and night, and in the darkness in the distance, more terrifying figures appeared ...

【How to Play】
1. Arrange the turret defense line, defeat the invading zombie army and collect gold.
2. Merge and upgrade turrets, strategically match various turrets and defend against different zombies.
3. Defeat multiple bosses and unlock more advanced weapons and technology.
4. Even if the game is closed, the turret is already guarding the shelter and collecting gold, dont forget to come back and upgrade them.

【Game Features】
1. Idle game and infinite upgrade
No need for a lot of manual operations, you only need a simple synthesis to upgrade your turret to experience the refreshing and exciting tower defense battle.
2. Diverse strategies and flexible matching
Rich weapon system, featured turrets take turns in battle, with different functions.
The rich variety of zombies gives you a different experience.
3. Super technology system, multiply your fighting power.
Use increased firepower x2 to increase the speed of the weapon.
Using gold coins to increase income x2 makes income increase rapidly.
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Zombie Defense Survive in the Zombie World
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