Car Key Remote Lock Simulator
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Car Key Remote Lock Simulator
Car Key Remote Lock Simulator

Car Key Remote Lock Simulator

Amazing car key remote control simulator

Developer: Vulcan Studios
App Size: 5.8M
Release Date: Jun 1, 2021
Price: Free
12 Ratings
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This is the best wireless car key simulator and prank app. Control your central locking, unlock your car, open the boot and turn on your car alarm right from your phone, or at least that's what your friends will think :)

Install this app on your phone and trick everyone into thinking you can open any car’s central locking with your cell phone or android tablet .
Simply swipe through the great selection of 8 different keys and click the buttons on your favourite.

Prank your friends with these authentic keys and sounds including a variety of realistic doors locking and unlocking, boot / bonnet unlock sounds, car alarm locking and unlocking, automatic engine start sounds and realistic panic / car alarm sound effects.
With the Car key alarm simulator you will make your friends think you can unlock your car from your mobile device!!

The Car Key is a great and entertaining app, it is now enhanced with vibration ,screen flash effects and even a panic alarm. Try it out, you will love playing with it.

Play with the Car Key android application and have fun as many times as you want without breaking your car alarm key.

Share this app with your friends and have fun with their reactions.
This application is for fun and entertainment purposes only.

Enjoy the best free car keys simulator with lifelike graphics and sounds that will fool your friends into thinking you have a luxury vehicle remote control, right from your phone.
This car key remote’s features include lifelike car key graphics, unlock buttons with audio, car alarms and panic alarm function, along with a smart lock button to both lock and unlock with the same buttons, and a real life car alarm with actual car key appearances and high quality sounds.

This app is kept small in size so it won’t take up much room on your device. It is great fun for both kids, and people of all ages to enjoy, joke around with their friends, or prank their family.

This app has 8 different car keys, our goal is to make these look exactly like your own car brand’s key, the first key is a generic key that looks like an advanced BMW, Land Rover or Audi key. The second key was used for several older model cars such as Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Chrysler and a few others. The third key was used on several Chevrolet and Nissan models and still is to this day.
Key 4 was widely available with several earlier model cars issued by Lincoln, GMC, Dodge, and also in early older Renault and Lexus series cars. Our fifth key is our own creation emulated after top level cars from Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Porsche, and top of the range Volvo cars, this key will look the part with any top of the range vehicle.
The next key we have chosen will be familiar to owners of Ford, or Acura vehicles along with older Mazda model cars, with the final key an exact replica of a common key format used in a range of European cars from Volkswagen, Opel, Seat, Fiat, Saab and several other manufacturers.

We have taken great care to provide a key for each make and model that you may have, with the exception of super-cars and newer electric cars remote central locking, which will all be added soon!! Make sure to check back often for updates!!

Copyright Notice!
Vulcan Studios reserves all rights on all source code, backgrounds, screen-shots, icons, sound files, and images used within this application..
Do not use our source code via decompilation,our graphic elements, our description or other resources as we will file a DMCA request for copyright infringement with Google without prior warning and you risk losing your account.
Thank you.
© 2018 - 2021 Vulcan Studios

Please forward all feedback, suggestions and bug reports to our email address below.
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Price: Free
Version: 1.0.3
Size: 5.8M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: Vulcan Studios
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