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Volleyball Referee
Volleyball Referee

Volleyball Referee

Volleyball Refereeing, Scoreboard, Rotations Monitoring, Results Sharing

Developer: GuillaumeVT
App Size: 6.9M
Release Date: Nov 19, 2017
Price: Free
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Volleyball Referee is a user-friendly and complete application for refereeing indoor and beach volleyball matches.

• Create indoor volleyball matches with official or user-defined rules: select the team names, the shirt colours, and the player numbers.
• Create beach volleyball matches with official or user-defined rules: select the pair names and the shirt colours.
• Manage the score: whenever the score is updated, Volleyball Referee handles everything for you, including the rotations, the technical timeouts and the serving team.
• View the detailed series of scored points by the teams during each set.
• Keep track of the players positions upon rotation on the court, including the liberos.
• Substitute players very easily, according to the rules constraints.
• Call team timeouts with countdown timers.
• Automatic technical timeouts and game intervals, providing countdown timers.
• Manage your teams. Use your saved teams for setting up matches even faster.
• Toss coins to determine the serving team and the sides.
• Create your own rules from an exhaustive set of rules. For instance, you may change the number of points per set or disable the timeouts.
• Resume the current match: feel free to quit or restart, your latest game is always automatically saved.
• Stream and share the live matches online: all the referees, the team members, the audience and your friends can monitor the match data in real time.
• Browse and view the recorded matches on your device or online.
• Create and share the score sheets from your recorded matches.
• Sanction players and coaches with yellow, red, expulsion and disqualification penalty cards.

If your language is missing and you feel like helping the community, you may contact us via the support address (vbr.app.team@gmail.com) and we can work together on adding a new translation.
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Price: Free
Version: 3.3.0
Size: 6.9M
Content Rating: Everyone
Developer: GuillaumeVT
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